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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Thirty-Two

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Volume Thirty-Two Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 32
Title: Sasuke he no michi ~ The Road to Sasuke

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 281: "The Road to Sasuke!!" – In Konoha, Shizune and Tsunade discuss Chiyo-s passing and the teams coming back in three days. Shizune asks why Naruto was sent, and Tsunade responds Naruto knows what Jinchuuriki go through. Back in Hidden Sand, Naruto and Sakura pay respects to Chiyo-s grave and then join the rest to leave. Outside the village entrance, Naruto shyly says this is where people usually shake hands to say goodbye but he knows Gaara is not like that. To Naruto-s surprise sand begins to raise his arm and the two shake hands. Gai supports Kakashi and his rival apologizes for being wiped out. Gai then maneuvers Kakashi to give him a piggyback, much to Kakashi-s embarrassment. Gai asks who else wants a ride and Lee gets psyched seeing it as training. Lee bends over and asks for Neji, which Neji quite quickly and firmly says no to. Elsewhere Tobi finds Deidara-s arm and states he definitely died in an explosion. Before he can pick it up, Deidara walks up and tells him to drop it, much to Tobi-s surprise. Zetsu asks where the Jinchuuriki is but Deidara just states he did his job already. Tobi then excitedly asks if he is okay after such a tough fight. Deidara is beyond annoyed and states his tolerance has limits, he then asks Tobi to drop it or else. Tobi asks if that means blowing up?... With no hesitation Deidara has Tobi down to the ground trying to strangle the young man with his legs. Back in Konoha, a bandaged old man tells a young man that he is the strongest of his generation and that strings have been pulled to place him on Team Kakashi. He dubs him Sai and chastises him for attempting to smile. Sai apologizes saying he can-t make much of the things called emotions yet.


Chapter 282: "Kakashi-s Group Returns" – In Konoha, Kakashi rests in the hospital. Elsewhere Tsunade, Sakura and Shizune discuss the upcoming Grass Country mission. Tsunade wants Naruto to go as part of a four-man team. Naruto watching from above agrees with them and then jumps away. Village council member Koharu arrives and asks to speak with Tsunade. They go inside and Koharu and Homura ask her not to send Naruto on any more missions which could involve Akatsuki. Naruto walks through Konoha and he wonders who to bring. Suddenly a figure with a high collar shirt, shades, oversized coat with the hood up tells him it-s been awhile. Naruto is at a loss and the man states Naruto should recognize the face of his comrades. Naruto then realizes that the "annoying" speaking figure is none other than Shino! He then yells at him for being so covered up, making it hard to recognize him. Suddenly from above lands Kiba and a very huge Akamaru. Kiba is surprised at Naruto-s growth but Naruto retorts Akamaru is the one who has grown. Kiba states he did not really notice because he and Akamaru are always together. Naruto looks to Shino for agreement but Shino only mockingly sulks that Kiba was recognized so quickly. A yelp is heard and in the distance standing behind a fence is a surprised and fuller figured Hinata. She frets over what say to Naruto after three years. Suddenly Naruto is beside her asking why she is hiding and she quickly feints. Naruto asks her what-s the matter and Kiba retorts that this always seems to happen when Hinata is around Naruto. Shino can only sadly quip about how Hinata was so easily recognized as well.


Chapter 283: "Search for More Members" – Naruto walks through the village and states Team 8 cannot join him because of a mission. He sees Shikamaru who states that as he told him before, his Examiner duties are keeping him busy. A voice volunteers to help Naruto though, it-s Chouji! Who has grown in size and girth. Shikamaru tells Chouji though that his mission with Ino and Asuma would preclude his joining, Chouji says he-ll talk to Asuma about it. Elsewhere Sai unrolls a scroll and begins to write on it in ink. As Chouji eats from his chips, Naruto jokes that he is as big as ever. Suddenly Shikamaru and Chouji are alerted, Shikamaru jumps and knocks down Naruto while Chouji enlarges his fist to smash into a tiger made of ink that is jumping at them. The ink explodes and another tiger jumps from above, Chouji grabs and smashes it as well. Shikamaru sees their target and extends his shadow. Sai sits on a roof beyond, Shikamaru states he does not know who the guy is but they-ll turn him over for interrogation once caught. Sai draws more tigers and Naruto charges him. The tigers jump off the paper to attack Naruto on the ground below; Shikamaru-s shadow extends off the ground and pierces each tiger with multiple spears. The ink falls down harmlessly and Naruto jumps with a kunai to attack Sai. Sai pulls his weapon to defend effortlessly. Sai states Naruto-s power is weak, and then mockingly asks him if he even has a penis.


Chapter 284: "New Companions" – In the Hokage building, Homura and Koharu state Naruto is not to leave the village. Tsunade replies that will only put the village in danger from Akatsuki. If he is kept on the move, Akatsuki will have little chance to track him. Homura calls Tsunade naive. Tsunade grows angry and says she offers a compromise as well. Homura retorts what proof can she offer of village protection? Tsunade remembers her first meetings with Naruto, and states she believes he will not be defeated. And if the village should be in danger, she will gladly give her life protecting it. Homura placates and says if that is the case, they will choose the other squad members. He then asks Danzou to come in, the older bandaged man from earlier. Tsunade knows the man and asks if this means the new member will be from "Root." Elsewhere Naruto demands to know Sai-s identity and the two break, a shadow creeps below Sai so he jumps into the air and disappears. As Shikamaru and Chouji watch on, a voice demands to know what is going on. It-s Ino! Chouji replies that some weird person attacked them, and Ino asks if he is referring to Naruto. Chouji says no and Ino yells a greeting to Naruto. Back in the office, Shizune states with Kakashi out they-ll need a new captain. In flashback Danzou states that Tsunade controls the ANBU, so one of her best could be picked. In the present a masked ANBU stands before Tsunade as she lays out the mission. The man is honored to be replacing THE Kakashi senpai. Tsunade tells him this is a normal mission, he can lose his mask. She gives him the code name "Yamato" and tells him he-ll also get another team member, a new recruit from the ANBU "root" division. She asks Yamato to keep a close eye on Sai, being the recommendation of Danzou, a war hawk who opposed Sandaime. Though the "Root" division was disbanded, he should not be taken lightly. Elsewhere Sai appears and greets Naruto. Yamato arrives and lays out the mission plan. Sakura asks if Naruto knows him and Sai retorts he wanted to test Naruto, but had no idea he was so weak. Naruto is enraged and Sakura holds him back, and tells him not to get into fights with a teammate. She tells Sai he is not making a good impression, which Sai retorts back that the same can be said for her, being so ugly. This causes Sakura to rage and be held back by Yamato, who can only suggest she take her own advice.


Chapter 285: "You from -Root-" – Yamato stands before his team and asks them to introduce themselves, and then he lays out the mission. He states it will give them the opportunity to find info to assassinate Orochimaru and retrieve Sasuke. He asks the team to gather in an hour and dismisses them. Naruto and Sakura walk away and compare Sai to Sasuke, stating Sai fails to live up to their friend. In an apartment, Sai gathers his tools. On the walls hang drawings of scenery. He picks up a drawing of his younger self and quickly pulls a kunai to defend himself. An ANBU member withdraws after locking kunai with Sai. He complements Sai-s reflexes and gives him orders from Danzou. A cat meows and the ANBU is startled. He tells Sai failure is not an option and chides him for carrying the drawing of himself. He tells Sai that those in Root have no name, feelings, past or future, only your mission. Root lies below the ground supporting the great tree of Konoha. In Tsunade-s office, she tells Sakura to control Naruto as best she can. Danzou knocks and enters her office. He states he has heard of the ANBU appointed as leader, and hopes Sandaime has not rubbed off on him, as how Shodai rubbed off on Sarutobi. He takes his leave and Tsunade tells Sakura that Danzou was a militaristic hardliner who was up for the Third Hokage position with Sarutobi. Sakura leaves and joins her team at the gate of Konoha, Yamato then tells them it is time to move out for the Grass Country!


Chapter 286: "Naruto and Sasuke and Sai" – As the team walks, Naruto contemplates how Sai resembles Sasuke. Sai asks him to stop staring and Naruto gets angry. Yamato tells them to calm down, that they are a team now. Naruto retorts he had a team, and it had Sasuke, not Sai. Sai states he is glad he is not Sasuke, because he was a bastard traitor. Sakura steps to calm Naruto and asks Sai to forgive him, and then suddenly slugs Sai. She states he does not have to forgive her though. Sai says he was fooled by Sakura-s fake smile, and Sakura tells him to not talk about Sasuke again in her presence. Sai states he smiles because it says in a book that even fake smiles will help get out of bad situations. Yamato then forms a handseal and does a wood prison technique. He says they can spend a day making friends in it or go to a hot springs, and he interjects that he is not against ruling by terror. Sakura is surprised he could use Shodai’s wood release jutsu. In the springs Yamato, Naruto and Sai relax. Yamato says relaxing as men in the nude should make them comrades, and then gives Naruto his scary terror face. Naruto jumps up and agrees and Sai ruefully comments that it appears Naruto finally has "one". Naruto yells at him for only thinking about penises. An embarrassed Sakura can only curse Naruto from the nearby women’s spa, as fellow female bathers laugh at his comments. Naruto gets a dirty eye to peep but Yamato exits the spring and warns him that Jiraiya once made the same mistake when he was younger, and Tsunade beat him to a pulp for it. In the bath cabin, Yamato sits down looking at an ANBU Root mask, and states things should start getting busy soon.


Chapter 287: "Untitled" – Sakura awakes and heads outside to meet Sai who is painting. She asks what he is painting and states she is surprised to see a soft side to him. Sai remarks with her smile should he be afraid of being hit? Sakura jokes but says no, she was just interested. She asks the name of the work and Sai reports that he has never given a name to the thousands of pictures he has painted. Sakura states one normally gives names to paintings based on your mood or feelings. Sai states he couldn-t give them an accurate title, no feelings occur to him. Naruto arrives and states that is probably why he acts the way he does. He also tells them Yamato is ready to go. Naruto says the painting isn-t much, and Sai retorts just like his penis. And infuriated Naruto yells that he can honestly say he hates Sai, and that he should drop the fake smile and talk honestly. He tells Sai if he wants to fight then lets fight. Sai says that really isn-t the case, he simply doesn-t feel anything towards Naruto at all. He tells them to go ahead and he-ll pack his things. Sakura picks up a picture book with drawings of a young boy on each side. Sakura asks if she can look through it on the way, and Sai declines, saying it is not yet finished. Also it belongs to his older brother. A short time later during the night in a forest, Yamato uses a Mokuton technique to create a huge house. They go inside to camp for the night and Yamato tells Sakura he has read Sasori-s profile and needs to know everything she has on him. Yamato tells them they will impersonate Sasori and he himself will approach the spy. Sakura says Yuura was a resourceful spy so this one will probably be dangerous as well. Naruto states he-ll take him. Elsewhere a cloaked figure stands in the darkness.

Shizune & TonTon

Chapter 288: "Incomprehensible Feelings" – Yamato tells the group to back him up and work together in groups of two. Naruto begins to yell about being paired with Sai but Yamato shuts him up with his "scary" face. He tells them tomorrow they will train so he can see their skills. The next day Naruto and Sai jump to attack Yamato. Naruto forms Rasengan in Sai-s hands and wood emerges to trap "Sai," who is revealed as a henge-d Naruto. The other Naruto jumps to pin Yamato but finds he is a dummy replacement. The real Sai releases painted snakes using his special mimic technique. The snakes coil around Naruto and the dummy trapping him. Elsewhere Sakura and Sai have captured Yamato and he congratulates them. A frustrated Naruto grabs Sai and asks if he if knows what comrade means. Sai says of course and writes the word "Comrade" on a scroll. He retorts Naruto was weak and let his frustration give himself away, preventing Sai from hiding and proceeding with caution. Sai says he did what was best to succeed in the mission. Naruto states he refuses to accept Sai as an ally. Sai asks Naruto what Sasuke would have done, would he have helped him? He states Sasuke betrayed the village and you still call him friend. Naruto says he-ll do anything to save a friend, even work alongside Sai. Sai asks why he would do that, and Sakura tells him Naruto thinks of Sasuke as a brother. She asks Sai doesn-t he feel the same towards his older brother? Sai states he talked of his brother in regards to his paintings, he doesn-t have any emotions at all.

Kurenai & Asuma

Chapter 289: "Akatsuki Spy" – Sakura asks Sai what he means by not being able to feel, especially having a brother. Sai states his brother died but even then he was not sure what expression to make. Yamato asks them to stop talking and get ready. Sakura tells Sai if it were some other day she would have hit him again, but Naruto was willing to work with you to find Sasuke, so she can not go about hurting him. Sai states that means she was being nice to Naruto. He states he doesn-t understand and begins to comment on reading something similar in a book when Naruto interjects it is time to go. The group leaves and takes positions at the bridge. Yamato in the guise of Sasori waits on the bridge while the others wait in the bushes on one end. The spy arrives and it is Yakushi Kabuto! Kabuto states its been five years, and he is feeling weird with the memory block finally being removed. Naruto and Sakura are both surprised but have a hard time hearing their words. Sasori asks Kabuto where Orochimaru and Sasuke are. Kabuto replies they change lairs every week and will do so again in three days. They are currently at the north lake hideout. Kabuto is startled and looks to the bushes, a rabbit appears and then hops away to Kabuto-s relief. But hidden in the trees watching is Orochimaru, who evilly grins as the meeting continues.

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 5912 раз

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