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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Thirty-Four

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Volume Thirty-Four Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 34
Title: Saikai no toki...!! ~ The Hour of Reunion...!!


Chapter 300: "Sai-s Picture Book!!" – Near a river, Sai washes his face and Kabuto takes prides in cleaning his medical tools. He asks Orochimaru for a new untouched corpse to make up for the one used earlier. Sai looks through his bag and is surprised to see his book missing. Orochimaru asks if something is wrong, and the young man says no. Elsewhere Sakura comments the two middle pages are weird, on the right is Sai in ninja gear, while the left page is blank. Yamato states it could help them understand Sai, and Sakura comments it seems to be the story of two boys growing up. Throughout the right side of the book Sai is shown facing off against enemies, and then taking on their clothing and weapons. The book spans his life, the same for the white-haired boy in the left half of the book. The black-haired boy they determine is Sai. Sakura thinks back to what Sai said of his brother, and she states the white haired boy must be him. So when taken together, the white-haired boy may eventually be destined for the blank left hand side page in the middle of the book. Yamato gets a transmission, his bunshin has found Orochimaru-s base. In the base a shadowy figure chastises them from being late, telling Orochimaru he promised to train him further than afternoon. Kabuto feigns surprise at the same continued attitude. Orochimaru tells him not to get angry; he brought a present, another kid from Konoha. The shadowy figure is not excited, he watches on with Sharingan eyes. Sai looks on and recognizes Uchiha Sasuke...

Yondaime Hokage

Chapter 301: "Sai and Sasuke!!" – The team runs on. Sakura tells Naruto they-ll save Sasuke this time, and Naruto agrees. In the compound Sai greets Sasuke, who tells him to get lost. Sai says even when smiling people still hate him; it was the same with Naruto. But he figures he can get along better with Sasuke. Sai is suddenly frozen in a killing intent directed at him by Sasuke. Kabuto yells at Sasuke. Sai wipes sweat away, surprised even his emotionless self felt afraid somewhere deep inside just by looking into Sasuke-s eyes. Orochimaru interjects that Sasuke is a difficult one, even more so than he himself. Sasuke says he doesn-t care about Sai; he wants Orochimaru to train him. Sai tells Sasuke he heard a lot about him from Naruto and Sakura. Naruto never gave up searching and thought of him as a brother. Sasuke says the only brother he has he plans to kill. Orochimaru hands Kabuto the envelope and tells him to make a Bingo book, inside is the full data on Konoha-s ANBU and their real identities. Outside the team has arrived, Yamato reabsorbs his clone into a small seed in his palm. He gives this and another seed to Naruto and Sakura. He asks them to swallow them, as they-ll allow him to keep track of them both. He put such a tracker in Sai. He states that-s why he paid for the bath and food at the hot springs. He says everything is going how Tsunade had thought and it’s good that Sai went in first. He tells them to get ready and Naruto and Sakura acknowledge.


Chapter 302: "Infiltration...!!" – Yamato says they-ll use a doton technique to get in. Inside Kabuto shows Sai to his room. He lays down an envelope and lights a candle. He tells Sai to stay there until needed, and then locks the door from the outside. Sai listens at the door as Kabuto walks away. Down in the earth Yamato tells them that it-s as he thought, the compound is surrounded by rock. Naruto says he-ll use Rasengan and Sakura chides him, saying it’s too loud. Yamato finds a small crack and inserts wood from his finger; it quickly grows to shatter an entrance hole. Yamato says they-ll find Sai first. In his room Sai summons a book from his scroll. He reads it and is surprised by its contents. Yamato peeks around a corner with a mirror and tells his team to move. Kabuto walks on and thinks he better get to work on the Bingo Book before Orochimaru gets annoyed. He then realizes he left the envelope in Sai-s room, he turns to walk back. The lock on the door catches and Sai is startled. He quickly puts the book away. The team walks in and Sai is surprised again. Sai says he shouldn-t be surprised since Yamato is an ANBU. Yamato-s finger returns from a key back to normal and he tells the young man to explain himself. Naruto grabs Sai and demands an answer. Sai tells Naruto to quiet down or they-ll be in trouble. Sakura gives him his drawing book and Sai thanks her. She asks if he is following Danzou-s orders. Yamato asks if it’s the next attempt at Konoha-s destruction. Sai just stands emotionless, eyes closed but then he smiles and says no. Naruto yells that the smile proves he is lying. Sai says now that he has been found out the mission is a failure. He then states that there isn-t reason to hide it anymore. They are correct; the goal is to destroy Konoha. Elsewhere in the compound, Kabuto walks closer to Sai-s room...

Yamato & Shodai

Chapter 303: "Sai-s Betrayal!!" – Sai says he was to meet Orochimaru and then spy on him. Orochimaru would betray them as soon as he took over Konoha, so they-re just planning ahead. Sakura is surprised that Danzou sent Sai alone, but he says he-s trained for this and that his ink can turn into animals and report back for him. She asks Sai how he could do this, the lives he is risking. He states “Sai” isn-t even his name, he-s no one, just a tool. Sakura asks how he can say that when he carries the picture book. The boy inside is his brother, and it serves as proof you do exist and have feelings. Sai takes the book and loses his smile. Sakura states that he keeps the book because it proves their tie and he doesn-t want to break their link. Sai gets a surprised look on his face. Yamato states they looked inside, and saw the unfinished pages. The two brothers were destined to fight each other, and he knows how the ANBU Root had similar comrade killing rituals to "Blood" Mist Village. Sai says "No" and states the book was to be a present to his brother, but he died from an illness. They weren-t blood related but his brother praised his work. Root takes orphans, and he thought of him as a brother. He wanted to show his brother the final pages in the book but he died, and he can no longer remember what he wanted to draw. Outside Kabuto walks to their room and opens the door. The room is empty. Outside the compound Sai is tied up. Yamato says he-s sorry to Sai; he-ll have to stay here with his clones. Naruto eagerly says it-s time to save Sasuke. Sai says that-s doubtful, he met Sasuke and he says he no longer cares about you. He asks Naruto that he-s willing to oppose Orochimaru? Naruto says yes, he hated Sasuke at first but he formed a close bond to him over time. Sai is still unsure and Naruto says even if his body is destroyed he won’t stop. No matter what he-ll take Sasuke back from Orochimaru. A surprised Sai can only watch on...

Naruto & Sai

Chapter 304: "The Reverse Side of Betrayal!!" – The team jumps back as kunai pepper the ground around Sai. Kabuto lands and states it looks like he got caught and didn-t betray them after all. He then cuts Sai-s bonds. Above Kabuto on the cliff two bunshin form a Rasengan and charge, Kabuto easily kicks it away stating it-s useless. Naruto says he had to at least try and Kabuto states he was referring to saving Sasuke, he-s different now. Suddenly Sai grabs Kabuto from behind and the Sound nin demands to know what is going on. Sai states sometimes people change, including him but something’s don-t change, including his allegiance. Yamato binds Kabuto with wooden body shackle, and then he forms a wood clone. Naruto asks Sai why he did that, and Sai states he wants to know more about him and Sasuke, he can-t forget the feelings he had for his own brother, and watching Naruto may help him deal with it. Kabuto merely laughs saying they don-t know the real Sasuke, he-s probably through training inside and resting in his room. There are numerous rooms though, and they may just find Orochimaru-s if they-re not careful. Inside the compound Yamato says they-ll split into two teams, he-ll go with Sakura while Naruto and Sai pair. They just need to mold chakra and he can detect them in trouble. Naruto frantically searches through many rooms and then passes out. Sai states they should rest but Naruto is adamant they keep going. He-s exhausted from going Kyuubi previously. They rest and Sai tells Naruto he-s hasty and loud mouthed like his brother. He had no dignity and he starts to say no penis but catches himself. An enthused Sai holds up his picture book and states his brother was also serious in his work like Naruto. Suddenly he stops talking and states he finally remembers what he wanted to draw in the middle, it-s a dream he had. He quickly gets out his brush and ink and finishes the picture. It-s he and his brother in their ANBU gear holding hands. Sai genuinely smiles and Naruto grins too. Their moment is cut short as a figure arrives, Orochimaru ponders aloud just whose side Sai is on...

Chapter 305: "The Bond With Your Friend" – Orochimaru throws snakes from his arm and the young men retreat. Naruto yells for Sai to find Sasuke so Sai turns and runs away. Orochimaru complements Naruto-s tenacity. Elsewhere Sakura and Yamato have no luck finding Sasuke. Yamato senses Naruto-s chakra so they bolt to his location. Sai paints rats on a scroll and then sends them to find Sasuke-s scent. Orochimaru ponders aloud why Naruto is so tired and then backup arrives. The Sannin figures Naruto still has yet to recover and he offers to let him live so he can continue to take out Akatsuki members. Orochimaru states he still has use for Sai though and then takes his leave in a puff of smoke. Yamato asks where Sai is and Naruto explains. He then states he may be able to do Tajuu Kage Bunshin to find Sai. Elsewhere a rat sneaks under a door. Yamato finds Sai-s bag and looks at one of his books in surprise. Elsewhere Sai spies a sleeping Sasuke. Yamato states it’s an assassination list, with all the faces marked out except for an entry for Sasuke. Sai-s true mission was to kill Sasuke. Naruto can-t believe it after Sai-s stated change of heart. Yamato points out a Mist Jounin who was a danger to Konoha whom is now crossed out. Sakura states it may all have been an act. Yamato states Sai had been tasked with killing threats to Konoha. Elsewhere Sai spies the sleeping figure, ink snakes move up and around Sasuke. Yamato states Danzou wanted Sai to kill Orochimaru-s next container, so they better find him quickly. In the room Sasuke asks why Sai is there, Sai responds that he is there to... return Sasuke to Konoha! Sasuke stays quiet and Sai states it is because Naruto thinks of Sasuke as a brother, and he also wants to protect that precious bond.

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 306: "The Hour of Reunion...!!" – Sasuke states he was woken up because of bonds? Elsewhere Naruto creates bunshin to search and then goes with Sakura and Yamato. An explosion rocks the compound, outside the Yamato clone and Kabuto look over in surprise. Kabuto amusedly thinks Sasuke can get cranky when he wakes up. Inside the team hears the destruction. Yamato feels Sai-s chakra so they rush to his aid. Sai gathers himself from the rubble and complements Sasuke for living up to his reputation. Sasuke watches on from the ground above, newly exposed from the explosion. Down the corridor the team arrives and sees Sai in the distance. Sakura takes off and grabs Sai by the throat, demanding to know how many times he plans to betray them. A voice from above welcomes Sakura. A stunned Sakura turns to see Sasuke standing above. Down the corridor Yamato and Naruto see her surprised countenance. Naruto understands the look and rushes to her side. He looks up and sees his dear friend. Sasuke, garbed in black pants, an open white long sleeved shirt, with a traditional Sound rope belt with sword slung on back merely watches on...

Uchiha Sasuke

Chapter 307: "Whim...!!" – Sasuke asks if Kakashi is here, Yamato says no. He then says they-re here to bring Sasuke back. Sai pulls his sword and Sasuke states his replacement says foolish things about saving bonds. Sakura is confused and Sai admits his mission was indeed to kill Sasuke. However, meeting Naruto made him want to remember his own feelings and bonds. Because Sakura and Naruto are so desperate he wants to help them. If Sasuke breaks his bonds for good he-ll long for them in the future. Sasuke states he understands that, that-s why he has a new bond, pure hatred for his brother. Sasuke remembers Itachi-s past words and he states bonds hampered his ambition and weakened his feelings. Naruto remembers Sasuke-s words on cutting bonds at the Valley of the End, and then demands to know why he didn-t kill him. Sasuke states he didn-t do so because that path was merely to attain power. Naruto demands to know what that means but Sasuke says he doesn-t have to explain himself, and that he only saved Naruto on a whim. Suddenly Sasuke is chest to chest with Naruto with his left arm on Naruto-s right shoulder. Yamato is impressed with Sasuke-s speed. Sasuke begins to dig at Naruto, stating Naruto-s dream was to become Hokage, and yet he failed his mission to stop him? He then states firmly this time his whim will be to end Naruto-s life. He then pulls his sword from his back. A determined Naruto retorts back that he-s correct; one who can-t save his friends can hardly become the Hokage. Sasuke offers a grunt in acknowledgement.

Chapter 308: "Sasuke-s Strength!!" – Sasuke moves to stab but Sai jumps in to stay his arm. Sasuke complements Sai for his maneuver and Naruto flips out of Sasuke-s grasp. Sasuke activates Sharingan and Yamato sends wood from his palm. Suddenly arcs of lightning envelope everyone around Sasuke. Sai is knocked out and Naruto falls to the ground. Sakura surmises that Sasuke sent out Chidori from his whole body. She remembers her promise to save Sasuke as well so she charges. Sasuke charges Chidori through his hand and sword. Yamato sees the danger and jumps in Sakura-s path. Sasuke-s sword cleanly cuts through Yamato-s kunai, goes into his shoulder and then pins him to a rock. He then denigrates Yamato-s defensive abilities. Sasuke states his Kusanagi sword is special. Yamato surmises the Chidori current increases its cutting ability and helps the numbness spread throughout the target’s body. A feral Naruto begins to gather himself from the ground, while his crystal necklace remains behind having fallen off. Inside the Kyuubi prison the beast has partially boiled outside the bars. It tells Naruto now is the time. When Naruto doesn-t respond it asks why the hesitation? Naruto tells him he-s staying inside this time. Kyuubi mockingly tells Naruto he needs the demon. That he has no chance unless the seal is completely released. Naruto raises his arm in defiance to stop the beast. Another arm then reaches out to touch Kyuubi-s nose... it-s Sasuke-s! Kyuubi offers his surprise at an Uchiha showing up. Naruto asks Sasuke what he is doing there. Sasuke says he finally sees Naruto-s hidden power and he is quite surprised...

Uchiha Sasuke

Chapter 309: "Conversation with Kyuubi!!" – Kyuubi offers his surprise at one from the cursed bloodline seeing him within Naruto. Sasuke asks if that means Kyuubi has seen these eyes before. Kyuubi states yes, those eyes with a chakra more ominous than his own, just like was present in Uchiha Madara. Sasuke then focuses his strength and the Kyuubi head disperses. Sasuke wonders if he should know who Madara is. Kyuubi then considers in surprise Sasuke-s ability to suppress him, and then warns him that he would regret killing Naruto. In the real world Naruto and Sai begin to stir. While Sasuke continues watching Naruto intently, Yamato quickly forms a handseal to shoot wood from his wound to force out the blade. Sasuke jumps back in surprise and a wood barrier rises to envelope him. He easily cuts through it and retreats to the ledge from earlier. Naruto yells to Sasuke that he should understand Orochimaru wants his body. Sasuke says he knows, but he will do what he can to get his revenge. Itachi is greater than Orochimaru and himself at the moment, but together they may have a chance. Yamato stands and apologizes that he is going to have to get serious now. Sasuke himself then states its time to end this; he forms a handseal and then raises his left arm. Suddenly Orochimaru grabs his arm and tells him not to use that jutsu. Sasuke demands he let ago and Kabuto chastises him, stating they should let Konoha continue to take out Akatsuki. The more they-re eliminated the higher the chance for him to kill Itachi. Sasuke accepts the idea so the three disappear. Team Kakashi is left behind in the rubble. Naruto merely looks down in sadness and frustration.

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 6092 раз

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