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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Thirty-Five

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Volume Thirty-Five Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 35
Title: Aratanaru Futagumi!! ~ The New Duo!!

Naruto in Konoha

Chapter 310: "Title" – Naruto doubles over in agony from his failure, thinking he-s powerless. Sakura begins to cry and states they couldn-t bring him back. She then says though, that they-re still together and they-ll get stronger together as well. Sai states they have six months. He himself is strong and three is better than two. Naruto chuckles and he and Sakura begin to perk up. Yamato tells them to move out. A short while later the team stands before Tsunade. Naruto promises they-re not giving up, and she states that-s fine, she already has a mission for them. Later Sai kneels before Danzou. The old man is surprised by Sai-s mission failure. Sai asks a favor, to keep his name and to stay with Team Kakashi for the time being. Danzou says Sai will need to ask Tsunade; he then notices Sai-s smile. He then warns Sai that emotions can lead to war. Sai thinks of Sasuke-s words of hatred for his brother, but he then thinks of how Naruto stated he connected with Sasuke. In Sai-s apartment he holds a scroll marked "Comrade" and he remembers Naruto others words, demanding to know if Sai even knew what that word meant. Sai smiles and begins to paint a picture; he then thinks of his brother. Outside Naruto yells for Sai to hurry. Sai puts down the brush and we move to the window seal. With the window frame to the outside world appearing like a painting, Sai joins the group while "Comrade" sits below it, marking his new beginning among friends.

Hatake Kakashi

Chapter 311: "Nickname" – In the Konoha reading center, Sai is intently reading books on good communication and relations. He notes passages on the usage of honorifics and nicknames. Sakura walks by holding a book and notices Sai. She asks if he is looking for art books, Sai says no and blushes. Sakura notices the book titles and understands. She asks Sai if he wants to come see Kakashi-sensei with her and Naruto. Elsewhere Naruto sits and thinks over Sasuke-s statements. Sakura yells to Naruto and the trio meets. Naruto is surprised Sai is coming, and comments that it hurts his chance to go on a date with Sakura. Sakura says any time like that should be used training in ninjutsu. He also needs to work on training his mind too, since he-s an idiot. Naruto hunches over dejected. Sai thinks over how Sakura talks to Naruto informally. Sai blushes and asks if he can join the discussion. He states how he read how to open ones heart and make friends by referring to people by their last names or nicknames. Naruto tells him not to worry about it, and Sakura asks if he read that in one of the books. He states yes and he couldn-t think of any nicknames. Sakura understands and states he could base them on their characteristics, like "Idiot-Naruto." Naruto says that-s too harsh. Sai understands and Sakura thinks over how much closer they-ve gotten. Sai states his thanks and then offers... "Ugly". Sakura smiles and then freaks yelling Shannaro!! Naruto tries to hold her back and tells Sai he went too far. Sai doesn-t understand. A short while later the trio stands before Kakashi-s hospital bed. Both Naruto and Sai nurse bruises on their cheeks. Kakashi offers his greeting to Sai and then asks Sakura privately what happened. He is surprised a fight broke out this early. Sakura says everything is okay. Sai sizes up Kakashi and he figures while he heard about Kakashi while in Root, Kakashi probably heard of him too. Kakashi says he heard about the mission and Sasuke from Yamato. Naruto states there-s not much time and that he wasn-t strong enough. Sakura states Sasuke-s speed and strength weren-t normal and that in her training with Tsunade she learned it may be kinjutsu or drugs. Also Kabuto does experiments she can-t even find in her book. Kakashi states they have to get stronger. He used his downtime to think of just how to do that, but this particular method is suited to Naruto. A training regimen which could even help Naruto surpass Kakashi himself...

Sarutobi Asuma

Chapter 312: "Silent Approaching Threat!!" – Kakashi explains the training will be different than anything before. It will help Naruto develop an ultimate ninjutsu which he can call his own, but it will take a very long time and won-t come easy. Naruto states they don-t have that much time but Kakashi states he has that worked out. Suddenly Team 10 enters and Asuma asks how Kakashi is doing. Shikamaru asks if they-ve done the mission already and then notices Sai. Sai offers a greeting. In Tsunade-s office an ANBU brings a report. Shizune states Akatsuki is moving again and will be getting close. Tsunade states it-s time for Konoha to stop messing around and use this opportunity to take them out for good. Back at the hospital the Sai situation is explained and he asks them to treat him as a friend. Ino comments to Sakura that Sai is kinda cute like Sasuke. Sakura whispers back that he acts completely different than he looks, and he-s socially clueless. Shikamaru tells Naruto he-ll help out next time since the Chuunin Exams are now over. Asuma tells the group to go get something to eat while he talks to Kakashi. Naruto interjects that he thought it was training time. Kakashi says they can do that later. In the Yakiniku, Sakura asks where Shikamaru is, Chouji says he went to help his dad. Ino comments it-s strange since he is usually on time for meetings. Ino states they should formally introduce themselves. Sai smiles and thinks he better come up with some nicknames fast. Sai tells Chouji it-s nice to meet him... and begins to quickly think. Sakura and Naruto freak thinking Sai will say fatty. Sai begins to say just that when Naruto grabs his mouth and warns him not to. Sai then turns to Ino and thinks how women really hate it when he speaks the truth, so he-ll do the reverse. He calls her Beautiful-san. Ino blushes and Sakura explodes with anger at the difference in their names. Elsewhere a kunoichi is desperately running. A huge scythe emerges from the shadows to strike at her. A hidden voice comments how his attack speed is the slowest in Akatsuki. The kunoichi from Hidden Cloud then states her recognition of the group. Two figures emerge, one bearing the San ring and the other the Kito ring. Kito ring states she is the last and she-s not that bad. He then tells his partner, Hidan from an unknown Hidden village, that this is the two-tails Jinchuuriki, and that they should be careful. Hidan then tells his partner, Kakuzu from Hidden Waterfall, that he knows and he wants her to kill him just to get it over with...

Hidan & Kakuzu

Chapter 313: "The New Duo!!" – Hidan asks his partner to wait while he prays. Kakuzu is annoyed but Hidan explains he has to. The kunoichi states she is the one in control and destroys all the entrances. Hidan states they weren-t paying enough attention and Kakuzu states it’s just as well. The kunoichi identifies herself as Yugito. Hidan gets annoyed by her boasts and begins to talk of a bloodlust, Kakuzu tells him to cram it and focus. Hidan explains in his evil god belief system they must kill all, and the mission goes against that. Yugito is confused and when Hidan just asks her to come quietly. She refuses and begins to change into her Jinchuuriki form. Chakra swirls and quickly resembles a huge feral feline. Hidan offers his surprise and the beast swipes. Kakuzu reaches up to stop the blow. It then emits a fiery ball out of its mouth and Hidan jumps away. Soon the building itself collapses and Hidan jokes of not being able to stand the heat. He takes refuge in the rubble and states he-s trapped like a rat to the two tailed demon feline known as a living ghost. In Konoha, Kakashi asks what Asuma wanted but Kurenai enters and Asuma takes his leave. He states he-ll tell Kakashi later. Back at the fight Hidan rests impaled on the ground on his religious symbol. He turns from black to his normal tone and Kakuzu offers his annoyance at this constant sacrifice. Hidan states he has to and it-s blasphemy to skip. He pulls the spike out and we see blood-drenched Yugito high on a wall, with a spike impaling both her hands. Kakuzu pulls out a map with multiple countries marks with X-s. He then states their final target is the Fire Country...

Kakashi & Naruto

Chapter 314: "Akatsuki-s Invasion...!!" – Zetsu emerges, startling the duo. He asks if they-re finally done and Hidan is annoyed again at someone insulting his religion. Zetsu states he can only trust in himself, but Kakuzu says one can trust money. Hidan is annoyed, stating Kakuzu-s side-jobs always make them late. Kakuzu tells him to be quiet, that he paired with Hidan because he knew his religious practices would lead to money for the group. Zetsu tells them to move on and he-ll take care of the Nibi. Later the duo stands in front of the Fire Temple. Hidan expresses reluctance at entering but Kakuzu pushes forward, holding out his ring hand it turns black and the door opens. Inside the monks hear the iron gates crashing down and rush to alert Chiriku. They recognize the invaders as Akatsuki and Chiriku arrives to face them. Kakuzu is pleased, stating the monk has a bounty of 30 million ryou. Hidan expresses discomfort at killing a monk but Kakuzu pushes on. Chiriku asks them to leave but they stand firm. Kakuzu states the Fire Temple is highly revered, and the monks have special abilities. This particular one is an elite of the 12 guards, chosen to protect the Fire Daimyou. He can be identified by his "Fire" marked loincloth. He tells Hidan to not let down his guard and his partner retorts he-s seriously saying that again? In Konoha Naruto is happy that Kakashi is training him again but Kakashi tells him the happiness will end soon. He states the goal is a jutsu which surpasses Rasengan. The two important principles are altering the chakra-s shape and nature. Rasengan alters the shape but not the nature, while Chidori also alters the nature by changing it from chakra into an electrical current. Naruto affirms understanding about altering its nature but Kakashi thinks that-s not exactly what he meant but he-ll get it. He then begins to states how they-ll train in a short period of time and we cut away to the Third Hokage memorial. Asuma stands before it and states he understands what the old man meant. We focus on his "Fire" loincloth with new understanding. He states leaving Konoha behind and doing what he wanted was bad but he has no regrets. It wasn-t so bad being born into the Sarutobi clan, and you did your duty old man. Back in the monastery it-s totally destroyed. Hidan is doing his ritual and states the Jinchuuriki wasn-t there so they should move on. Kakuzu says no, he has to turn in Chiriku-s body for the reward. A lone monk watches in the distance, he states he has to warn Leaf. Kakuzu says the country is big so they need to be careful and Hidan once again yells at him for always making them late.

Chapter 315: "Special Training!!" – Kakashi explains the shortcut is Tajuu Kage Bunshin. Naruto is clueless so Kakashi explains. The Kage Bunshin is an actual clone, and any experience gained by the clone is passed back to the original. Naruto remains clueless so Kakashi shows him. Kakashi makes a clone, and has Naruto make one too. The clones go off into the woods and play a rock-scissors-paper game. The original Naruto states he has no idea what-s going on. The Naruto clone disperses and the original suddenly obtains the memories that he won the game. Kakashi asks if he finally understands and Naruto states he-s never noticed that feature before. And he asks how this helps anyway. Kakashi explains that with each clone added to train, it multiplies the training experienced. So a thousand clones could learn in a week what would normally take one ninja numerous years. Naruto asks if that-s why Kakashi is so strong but he states no. Kage Bunshin evenly splits the chakra, and he simply doesn-t have the same stamina or chakra level that Naruto does to attempt the training. Kakashi explains Naruto has at least twice as much chakra, and if the Kyuubi chakra is managed it could be 100 times that. An off panel voice states that-s why it-s perfect for Naruto. Yamato has arrived to assist in restraining the Kyuubi. Kakashi explains they are five basic types of chakra, Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning and Earth; and each person’s chakra tends to be one of these types. Yamato explains that the Uchiha lean towards fire. Kakashi explains Chidori is an element of lightning. Naruto states then that Sasuke is both Fire and Lightning. Kakashi explains Naruto is a blank slate but his cards should help them discover his chakra nature. The cards are specially treated to reveal ones elemental type, imbue some chakra into it and it will change. The paper will crumple if lightning, split if wind, burn if fire, fall apart if earth, and become wet if water. Yamato explains it-s made from specially chakra-nurtured trees. Naruto takes the paper and flows his chakra in... it splits! Kakashi states it-s time for Wind Element training!


Chapter 316: "Training Starts!!" – Kakashi explains how Wind can blow and cut through most anything. Naruto beams stating he-s awesome but his teachers tell him he-s not there yet. Naruto then asks what type of nature manipulation is Mokuton? Kakashi whispers to Yamato. Yamato steps aside. Forming hand seals a huge earthen hill rises up using Earth, and then using Water he forms a waterfall off of it. Yamato explains he’s adept at both earth and water styles. Naruto states then that he can use two styles too, and Kakashi explains most Jounin level can. So Naruto asks if Wood means he has three. Yamato explains Wood isn-t a basic element. Kakashi states he uses both simultaneously, earth chakra in one hand, water in the other. Naruto is surprised and Yamato explains once learned it-s fairly easy to use multiple ones separately. Using them together though is another story. Kakashi explains it usually takes a bloodline limit. The young man named Haku had a bloodline allowing him to make an Ice element out of Water and Wind. Such abilities can-t be copied by Sharingan. Naruto then asks about shadow and size manipulation, medical jutsu and genjutsu. Kakashi states those will take awhile to explain. Yamato states those involve dark and light nature manipulation, and they can explained later. Kakashi tells Naruto to place a leaf between the palms of his hands, and then slice it using chakra. Naruto asks how many clones he-ll need and Kakashi suggests this whole trees’ leaves worth. Elsewhere Shikamaru and Asuma play shogi. Asuma makes a particularly risky play and Shikamaru asks what the matter is. Asuma explains sacrifices are sometimes needed to protect the king, and he-s finally realized what that means. Asuma states Shikamaru would be a knight, capable of quick and strategic moves. Shikamaru asks what that makes Asuma then, so he points to the pawn. Asuma asks if he knows who the king is. Shikamaru states the Hokage? Asuma states he thought so too, but no. Shikamaru then asks who, and Asuma states the young man will figure it out in time. Back outside the tree is bare of leaves and one clone has made a small tear in a leaf. Kakashi thinks this may go quicker than he thought.


Chapter 317: "The Nightmare Begins" – A gigantic three-tailed turtle emerges from the water. Tobi in an Akatsuki cloak states Deidara can handle him. Deidara says no, being a full-fledged member means taking him on by himself. Tobi takes off and the bijuu follows. He states Kisame should be the one handling a water bijuu. Deidara forms a clay fish which swims near the beast and explodes, sending Tobi flying as well. Back in Konoha Yamato focuses on controlling the Kyuubi-s chakra, and Kakashi asks "Tenzou" how it-s going. Yamato says he-s fine, and asks to be called his codename. The Naruto-s are happy one has learned to cut a leaf but they-re a bit jealous. Naruto asks Kakashi if there are any other Wind users, and Kakashi refers him to Asuma. Elsewhere Asuma has lost in Shougi and must now pay for their next meal. Naruto arrives and Asuma explains his surprise at his element being Wind too. He tells Naruto he-ll help him if he buys them dinner and Shikamaru states that-s cheating. Asuma pulls out his knife and explains its- special metal focuses the users unique chakra. Naruto is handed a knife and told to flow his chakra in. Asuma explains one has to split your chakra and then rub it back together. Naruto asks how these are better than normal cutting weapons. Asuma has them throw the knives at a tree. Naruto-s sticks, while Asuma-s pierces the tree and buries itself in a rock behind. Asuma explains that he held back, and that a weapon like this gives a ninja an edge in battle. He states Wind is for close and mid-range fighting. Naruto states his thanks and the Kage Bunshin puffs away to Shikamaru’s surprise. The other Narutos get their instant update from the dispersed clone. In the Admin building the Fire Monk lays out what happened. Shizune states they-re looking for a Jinchuuriki. Tsunade strongly states they won-t leave the country and tells Shizune to contact the 20 platoons.

Movie Three Promotion

Chapter 318: "Favorable Training" – Kakashi tells Naruto to think over his training and then disperse his clones. They disappear and Yamato relaxes. Naruto looks at the barely torn leaf in his hand and then passes out. Kakashi states he also obtains the mental fatigue as well. Elsewhere Tobi stands on the belly of the defeated bijuu. Tobi acts boastful and Deidara tells him his own art played a large part. He states Tobi needs to shut his big mouth and keep his cool. He then goes on to relate “cool” to art and Tobi interjects that Deidara has the big mouth now. Deidara glares and an explosion happens off panel. At the waterfall, the Narutos successfully split their leaves and then disperse. He asks how long it will be to master the training and then passes out. A short time later Naruto awakes and Kakashi tells him the next step is to cut the waterfall. Yamato states he-ll directly hit the waterfall with his hand using his elemental Wind chakra. Kakashi states if he can do this it can be used in combat. Naruto smiles and asks if that means he can do nature manipulation now. Kakashi thinks of how quickly Naruto has grown and the young man stands and does Tajuu Kage Bunshin. Elsewhere Deidara pulls the Sanbi while Tobi lies on its stomach. Deidara states the Sanbi was weak because it was wild and didn-t know how to use its powers. He then tells Tobi he doesn-t have to stay so quiet to which Tobi snores. An infuriated Deidara then causes an explosion to awaken him. Elsewhere Kakuzu tells Hidan to carry the monk to which Hidan says no, the monk was his thing. In Konoha, Tsunade has assembled the 20 platoons. Asuma asks to the whereabouts of Chiriku, and the monk says he died fighting the intruders. She tells the platoons not to let Akatsuki leave the country. They move out and Asuma tells his team of Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu they should head to the Fire Temple first...

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 319: "The Motivation" – Asuma looks on at an apartment window and tells his team to move out. Inside Kurenai senses something, but when she turns to look out Asuma is gone. At the waterfall, 11 Narutos in trunks stand near the waterfall training. He-s annoyed that the water isn-t being affected and goes to Kakashi. His sensei explains Naruto needs a lot of chakra in a few clones to split the water, and at its current width it can only fit around 10 clones. He tells Naruto to slow down. Naruto says he won-t have such time in combat but Kakashi says he needs to get it down first. Cutting a leaf would normally take half a year, and it took the genius Sasuke several days to learn to control lightning chakra. Naruto yells he needs to become better than Sasuke. Kakashi whispers to Yamato, who then greatly widens the waterfall. Naruto is surprised and Yamato nearly collapses. He says he-s fine but Kakashi notes he barely completed it. Naruto then uses Tajuu Kage Bunshin. Elsewhere Sakura sits in her darkened room. She looks at an old Team 7 photo and begins to cry. Naruto rests and watches the night sky. He sees a falling star and grasps his necklace, thinking of Sasuke. He sits up determined and does Tajuu Kage Bunshin again. The next morning Yamato and Kakashi watch in surprise as all the Shadow Clones manage to split the water. Yamato can-t believe what the training has done for Naruto. Kakashi states it-s not just the training; it-s his feelings towards Sasuke as well.

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 5828 раз

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