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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Thirty-Nine

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Volume Thirty-Nine Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 39
Title: Ugoki dasu monotachi ~ The People Starting to Move


Chapter 350: "Shocking News...!!" - Sakura knocks on Naruto-s door. He answers groggily eating ramen. She chastises his living habits and tells him to get dressed. Naruto gets excited at the prospect of a date but she tells him Tsunade wants them. In the Hokage office Tsunade is annoyed at their lateness and Jiraiya tells her to calm down. Naruto is surprised to see Jiraiya and Tsunade states she-s called them in to discuss some new intel. She states Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke. Naruto is surprised and states he knew that freak couldn-t handle Sasuke. He then states that that means Sasuke-s coming back, right? Jiraiya states no. At the northern base a large cadre of level two prisoners stand before the trio. Karin states the guards are dead and Suigetsu asks which one is Juugo. Karin forms a hand seal and determines he-s not among them. Suigetsu asks if they can go all out on these guys but Sasuke says no, don-t kill them. Suigetsu mocks Sasuke for still being such a Leaf ninja. They then prepare to battle. In his cell Juugo reiterates his plan to kill a woman if she opens the door. Outside the trio has dispatched their opponents and Karin states she found the keys. Suigetsu tells her to lead the way and she grows annoyed asking Sasuke why he-s doing this. Suigetsu tells her to just go, she should show this ability of hers rather than just brag about it. She leads them down a hallway and then quickly pulls Sasuke down another hall while Suigetsu continues on. She embarrassedly states this is the right way and that she can-t stand Suigetsu. Suigetsu states that those with curse seals look like freaks, and asks Sasuke is that happens to him too. He turns to find himself alone and curses Karin. Karin and Sasuke find Juugo-s heavily chained and locked cell. Karin unlocks the cell and Sasuke says he-ll go first. Juugo continues his killing mantra but changes to "if a guy comes in" at the last second and screams in glee when he sees Sasuke. Juugo charges and Karin yells for Sasuke to look out...


Chapter 351: "Man to Man Talk" - Suigetsu walks among fallen prisoners and one asks why he-s here. Suigetsu says they-ve come to free Juugo and the man questions their sanity. Suigetsu says he realizes the danger but he-ll beat Juugo into line. The prisoner questions Suigetsu-s strength but the Mist ninjs kicks him in the stomach and says they-re only alive because Sasuke said. The prisoner yells that Juugo will kill them all and Suigetsu slams his sword into him, stating Sasuke won-t notice one dead. At the cell Juugo has slammed Sasuke into the wall in glee. Rubble is strewn about and he changes his arm into a level two form, creating piston to slam into Sasuke once again. Karin feels Sasuke-s chakra change and as the dust clears he has caught the strike with his level two wing hand. Juugo yells in surprise at yet another copy of him and states Sasuke must have skills doing a partial transformation. Sasuke states he didn-t come to fight, he just needs to talk. Juugo yells in glee that Sasuke is the strongest copy since Kimimaro and he moves to strike. Suigetsu-s blade stops the attack and states Juugo didn-t use those power last time they fought. He tells Sasuke he-ll deal with Juugo, and then Karin. Sasuke tells him to back down. Suigetsu states Juugo only understands actions and Juugo recognizes Suigetsu. The two begin to swing attacks back and forth and Sasuke tells them to stop. Karin smiles and hopes the two men kill each other. Suddenly Sasuke is between the two men, with two large snakes extending from his sleeves to bind them in place. Sasuke coldly states perhaps he should kill them both? The two men are shaken and the snakes retreat. Suigetsu is amazed as Sasuke-s killer intent and Karin blushes at Sasuke-s abilities. Juugo-s marks begin to retreat and he looks around in a frightened panic. He runs into his cell and yells for them to lock him in. Sasuke tells him he-s free and Suigetsu remarks that-s he scared now. Karin says no. Juugo pleads that he doesn-t want to be let out to kill again. Suigetsu is confused, asking if he has multiple personalities. Karin says no, Juugo doesn-t want to kill. He can never control his killing urges...


Chapter 352: "The Objective" - Juugo tells them to leave. Sasuke states that Orochimaru is dead and tells Juugo that if he stays here he-ll be finished too. Juugo says that-s fine but Sasuke states he-ll watch over him. Juugo retorts that only Kimimaro could control him. Suigetsu recognizes the Kaguya clan member. Karin offers that Orochimaru was interested in them both and states supposedly only Kimimaro could stop Juugo. Sasuke states Kimimaro died for he himself. Juugo asks if that means he-s Sasuke. Sasuke says yes and Juugo thinks back to years before. Kimimaro cracks open Juugo-s cell door. Juugo asks why a sick person is about and Kimimaro states Sasuke is going to be Orochimaru-s vessel in his place. Kimimaro states he-s but a tool who will exchange his life for another. He offers his thanks to Juugo, stating his strength helped him. He offers his goodbye and states he-ll see him later. In the present Juugo opens his cell door and sees Sasuke in Kimimaro-s place. Soon the team is outside and Sasuke states his objective is to kill Itachi using their strengths. He then asks Karin what of her, since she-s not technically with them. Karin offers that she doesn-t have anything pressing. Suigetsu states she should be more honest and just admit she wants to be with Sasuke. She blushes and yells that-s not it. Suigetsu states it-s so obvious, since a long time ago she did something to Sasuke... but Karin suddenly slugs him causing water to fly. Sasuke tells him to stop teasing. Suigetsu-s head reforms and he apologizes but offers that he-s still plans to stick close, since he can match up against a fellow Mist swordsman and take back Samehada. Karin mockingly states that he-s gathering swords?... Suigetsu grows angry but Sasuke tells him to cool it. Suigetsu then asks Juugo what his purpose is. Juugo states Kimimaro exchanged his life for Sasuke-s, so he wants to see his worth. In the Hokage office Naruto yells in confusion about why Sasuke won-t come back now? Jiraiya states Sasuke wants revenge to kill his brother. Naruto is annoyed that it-s Itachi again. Elsewhere Sasuke states they’re a four man team called "Snake". Naruto states they should move against Akatsuki again, since it will raise their chances of meeting Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke then state their objective is Uchiha Itachi... On a cliff stands Itachi and Kisame. Kisame states is about to rain and Itachi looks to heavens and agrees...

Chapter 353: "-Akatsuki- Meeting...!!" - Itachi and Kisame move to wait out the rain under a tree and Kisame picks up an unconscious elder Jinchuuriki with Samehada. Itachi warns him to be careful with the injured opponent. Kisame retorts that the man was no pushover; the Yonbi-s elemental fusions made him a difficult foe. He states he doubts Itachi would understand, but then again he did ask to take on the Jinchuuriki solo. Itachi warns him not to get full of himself and Kisame hopes they-ll capture Itachi-s Jinchuuriki soon. Itachi tells him to rest. Kisame asks that they are on a couple left? The Kyuubi is last to ensure the balance is preserved and the sealing statute is not damaged. So perhaps they should capture the Jinchuuriki soon. Itachi says no, Deidara messed up, best to leave the Kyuubi for last. Akatsuki is drawing too much attention now. Going after the Kyuubi would draw the full force of Konoha and its allies, best to keep going up to the Hachibi. Kisame states that makes sense and they-re soon summoned. The spectral forms gather and Kisame states they just subdued their target. Kisame asks where Hidan and Kakuzu are and the leader states they-re dead. In Konoha Sakura states if they can capture one Akatsuki, Ibiki can extract whatever information they need. Tsunade states the groups have been ordered to take one alive, but Kakashi states that won-t be easy. Naruto demands to know what they should do and Kakashi replies it’s to do their best at finding Itachi. Elsewhere Kisame is amused that the zombie duo are dead and wishes he could have seen it happen. The leader tells him to stop that talk and Zetsu states Konoha and Naruto took them out. Tobi offers that they-re strong and tells Deidara no wonder he lost. Deidara is furious and begins to argue with Tobi but the leader tells them to quiet down. He then warns Tobi to mind himself. Tobi apologizes and Kisame wonder how they can accomplish their goals if they keep goofing off. He states he-d like to seal the Yonbi soon but the leader says that will wait. He states Orochimaru has been killed. Kisame is surprised and wonders who did it. The leader says it was Sasuke and Deidara offers that he wanted to kill him. Kisame tells Itachi he must be proud and Zetsu states Sasuke has followers now. The leader states Kisame should recognize one of the Mist Houzuki brothers. Kisame recognizes Suigetsu and states that brings up old memories. The leader states Juugo of Tenpin is also with them. He warns that the group is probably coming after Itachi and Kisame and that the group could disrupt their goals. Deidara asks Kisame of Suigetsu and Kisame states he last saw him ten years ago as a cute kid. He would chop of the limbs of his enemies before beheading them. He was a child prodigy called the second coming of Zabuza. Elsewhere Karin chides Suigetsu for drinking all their water. Deidara raises his uncrushed left arm and offers that they seem like an interesting group...

Team Snake

Chapter 354: "The People Starting to Move" - Jiraiya asks what they plan to do after finding Itachi. Kakashi states a single team won-t work. Sakura states they have to capture Itachi to keep him as a target for Sasuke and they-ll need several teams for that. Kakashi says two teams are ideal, anymore will just cause problems. Jiraiya states they-ll need a squad which works well together. Kakashi says yes and asks someone to come in. Elsewhere Team Snake walks through tunnels in an abandoned city. Sasuke states his clan used this place as a weapons storehouse. Karin offers that the place is stuffy and a voice from behind offers surprise. Sasuke greets the two and we see they are cats. The cats ask why Sasuke is here and he states for weapons, medicine and supplies. Suigetsu finds them awesome and moves to pet but it hisses in reply. Sasuke states they-re ninja cats and warns him to be careful. One cat asks Sasuke if he brought them anything and he replies yes. The cats then take the group to their elder. Sitting amongst a group of cats is an old cat-like woman. Sasuke states he-s returned to pay of his debts and the woman understands that he-s going after Itachi. Another young woman measures Juugo for clothes. The elder can-t believe the two brothers are the last of their clan and are going to fight each other. Sasuke says the decision was made long ago and hands her money. The young woman states they have no clothes in Juugo-s size and the elder retorts just throw a curtain on him. Juugo rips down a curtain and wraps it like a cloak. Elsewhere a new eye opens on the King of Hell and the Yonbi Jinchuuriki lies dead. Deidara asks who to go after next and Tobi asks of the choices. Deidara says either the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki or Sasuke. Tobi says why bother, their tasks are done. Deidara retorts he still owes both Naruto and Kakashi, and he was supposed to kill Orochimaru, not Sasuke. Deidara tells him to move and Tobi grudgingly complies. Kisame asks Itachi if he-s okay with that. Elsewhere Team Snake in cloaks stands while the rain falls. In Konoha Kakashi states they-re having some nasty weather. Gathered in rain coats are Team 7 under Yamato and Team 8 under Kakashi. Naruto yells for everyone to move out and Kiba offers his hope that the rain will cool off Naruto-s hot-head.

Chapter 355: "Which Way...!?" - The Leaf teams land on a roof and Kakashi directs them to search in a five mile radius, if nothing is found they-ll move to another location. Sakura states that-s out of wireless range and may pose a danger. Yamato tells her not to worry and Kakashi summons his nin-dog pack. Pakkun states they can pick up their voices at that range and smell danger before it comes. Kakashi directs two dogs to each patrol as bodyguards. Two dogs pair off and greet Sakura, while two more move to Shino. Sai greets his two but they look on warily. Naruto asks what of him and Kakashi states he-s a target. Yamato will join him along with Hinata as scout and the biggest dog Bull since he-s loud. Bull woofs in understanding and Hinata tells Naruto they should do their best. Kiba will go alone with Akamaru and Kakashi states Pakkun will go with him. He states Sasuke is the prime target with Akatsuki second, if either is found they need to report back. The teams then jump and split away. Elsewhere Suigetsu and Juugo take their leave. Karin moves close to Sasuke but he rebukes her affection. Elsewhere Deidara examines his reattached arm and Tobi asks who their target is. Both men board two clay carrier birds and Deidara says who indeed. At an exchange building a guard asks Suigetsu his business and the young man smiles. Inside a business man hears a racket and his lackey is sent to investigate. He opens the door and suddenly both men are pinned to the wall by Suigetsu-s sword. Suigetsu asks if he-s correct that the businessman was Kakuzu-s accountant. He looks on in fear and says he-ll tell him anything. Outside a bird sits on Juugo-s hand and he tells it he should probably talk to them first. His level one form extends and the various teams continue their tracking. One of Sakura-s dogs states he faintly smells Sasuke. Somewhere above Deidara uses his range finder to spy on a target below. He states he found them and Tobi is surprised how quick it was. They then move to attack. Naruto-s team walks down a path while a form stalks them from the shadow of a tree, while elsewhere Sasuke stands alone while another shadow looks on at him...

Team Snake and Naruto

Chapter 356: "Collision...!!" - Sasuke demands his watcher come out. In a nearby city, Sakura and the dogs track Sasuke-s scent and walk pass Karin. The dogs then notice the scent begin to fade. Elsewhere Yamato asks his team if they notice and they say yes. He hurls shuriken at the onlooker and out jumps a robed Kabuto. Yamato offers his surprise that a wanted criminal is coming to them, but Kabuto says he has something to say to Naruto. Naruto asks if Sasuke really killed Orochimaru. Kabuto says yes and he has a present for him. Tobi emerges from the woods in front of Sasuke and states he looks a lot like his brother. Sasuke glares and Tobi quickly retreats. Deidara dives from above and launches the second bird at Sasuke. It explodes and Deidara smiles. Kabuto hands the trio a handbook on Akatsuki that Sound made. He states it-s not to make a deal, rather a token of thanks for Naruto. With Orochimaru-s death he was without a home, like in the past. He tells Naruto he knows what it feels like to not have an identity. Elsewhere the smoke clears and Sasuke is protected by a giant snake. Deidara can-t believe Orochimaru was done in by a kid like this and yells in appreciation at the hate in Sasuke-s eyes. Tobi states he-s going to have to apologize to Itachi later. Kabuto states Naruto went beyond the "Kyuubi" identity and became his own person. Kabuto removes his hood and glasses and states that he clung to Orochimaru. He states that he understands how Naruto felt and promises to make himself stronger now with Orochimaru integrated inside. He reveals to the shocked trio his left eye, which now resembles Orochimaru-s. He states maniacally that Orochimaru will be his rebirth; he-ll live on inside him and allow him to become even greater!...


Chapter 357: "Deidara VS Sasuke!!" - Kabuto states he integrated with Orochimaru by placing some of his tissue inside his body. Kabuto reveals a scaly arm and marvels that Orochimaru-s powerful life force is now trying to take over his body. Hinata uses her Byakugan to see a dark essence spread through a third of Kabuto-s body. Kabuto states part of him is doing everything to resist and prove he can surpass Orochimaru. Naruto charges and yells that he can work on that in prison. Yamato moves and wraps Kabuto in wood but the cloak falls away empty. Kabuto states that he-ll return to face Naruto once he can control Orochimaru-s power, but for now his next target is revenge on Sasuke. He then puffs away leaving the Akatsuki data book on the ground. Elsewhere Sasuke stares intently and Deidara offers that he only killed Orochimaru because of his genetic gifts and not his own power. Sasuke moves in an instant drawing his sword and slices through Tobi while Deidara jumps away. Tobi falls and Sasuke states he-ll ask Deidara about Itachi since he likes to talk. Tobi rises from the ground to Sasuke-s surprise. Deidara chastises him for lowering his guard and Tobi states Sasuke-s Shunshin movement is too quick. Deidara states he-ll use C1 to test him and he throws multiple spiders. Sasuke stops some while others land near Tobi. He yells to not detonate and then warns Deidara to watch out. Sasuke moves in close to slice and Deidara tosses a spider which he detonates immediately, enveloping both in an explosion. Tobi yells in sadness for his sempai but Deidara soon slides in saying the blast pushed him away. He states Sasuke is too fast, so C2 is needed. He molds more clay and Tobi recognizes the attack. The clay soon activates into a giant dragon and Sasuke sizes up Deidara-s abilities. Deidara yells that Tobi knows his part and Tobi replies that he-s ready!

Chapter 358: "Cornered by C2!!" - The tail of Deidara-s dragon shortens as it uses clay to expel spheres. Deidara tells Tobi he-s counting on him and Sasuke surmises attacks from the air will be a pain. Sasuke charges and Deidara takes to the air, detonating a smaller dragon the large one emits. Sasuke avoids it and sees that the other spheres and Tobi are now gone. He extends Chidori sword which comes up short. Deidara recognizes the Chidori from Kakashi and sees the attack’s limits. Deidara sends out another more powerful dragon which explodes on top of Sasuke. When the dust clears he-s in his level two form. Tobi emerges from the ground stating the landmines are in place and he moves to leave. Deidara gloats that C2 is a combination of landmines and aerial attacks, should Sasuke step on one he-ll be blown up. Sasuke thinks about his predicament as Deidara sends another dragon. He moves to fly and the aerial attack explodes. Sasuke-s sword goes flying and plants itself in the ground, and when the dust clears his left wing is missing. Deidara gloats that that-s what he gets for blocking with his wing. Sasuke pulls his arm revealing giant shuriken under the control of wire. Deidara quickly moves out of the way and Sasuke moves quickly into the landmine field. Deidara is surprised and thinks he-s won but he suddenly sees Sasuke jump on his sword handle and launch himself into the air with Chidori charged. He understands that Sasuke used the sword to check for mines and safely launch himself. Sasuke extends the blade into the dragon-s wing and slices it off. Tobi looks on from below and sees the dragon losing control. Deidara realizes too late that he was moved into place by Sasuke. Suddenly the shuriken slam into his arms pinning him to his dragon. Deidara reacts in pain and horror as the dragon he is pinned to plummets and slams into the ground, activating the landmines in a gigantic explosion...

Chapter 359: "Those eyes...!!" - As the dragon falls Deidara uses his feet to pull out the shuriken. The dragon explodes so Sasuke uses snakes to pull himself away and his seal retreats. Tobi is sad but Deidara emerges from the dust on a bird with wounds on his arms. Deidara stares down at Sasuke and curses his eyes. We flashback to Sasori, Kisame and Itachi meeting Deidara for the first time. Deidara states he wants nothing to do with their group and Sasori states Deidara has spunk. Itachi explains that the leader wants Deidara-s abilities and he in turn is surprised they know of them. Kisame states Deidara has worked for terrorist cells causing numerous explosions. Deidara states he had no reason for helping the terrorists outside of art. He makes a clay spider and states it-s more than just the model, the moment it explodes it achieves its true beauty. Sasori and Kisame are annoyed by his ranting and Itachi activates Sharingan stating he-ll take care of it. Itachi states if Deidara is defeated he has to join and Deidara yells that he shouldn’t be underestimated. He throws the spider and forms a centipede in his palm. Itachi retreats and the spider explodes. He then looks down to see the centipede wrapped around his legs. Deidara gloats that it-s game over but Itachi warns him to look down. We see that Deidara himself is wrapped in the centipede. He demands to know when this happened and Kisame states from the very moment he looked into Itachi-s eyes. He looks on at the silhouetted Itachi and yells that he-ll never admit to the art of Itachi-s eyes. Itachi tells him he-s lost. In the present Deidara reassures himself that he is the superior shinobi, not Sasuke and his eyes. He removes some clay and eats it with his own mouth. Tobi sees this and Deidara yells for him to flee. Deidara states this is his finest C4 work and regurgitates the clay onto his bird...

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 5291 раз

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