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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Forty

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Volume Forty Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 40
Title: Kyuukyoku geijutsu!! ~ Ultimate Art!!

Chapter 360: "C4 Karura" - A haggard looking Deidara regrets that he didn-t get to use the jutsu to kill Itachi but decides that-s okay anyway. Sasuke looks on and tries to grasp the new attack, for before him stands a gigantic Deidara. Sasuke begins to flee also and Deidara states he shouldn-t run, not that it does him much good anyway. Deidara forms a hand seal and the giant inflates and pops. Sasuke is confused but he catches the eye Deidara with his Sharingan. Deidara yells in glee that he-s won. Suddenly animals in the surrounding area begin to disintegrate. Sasuke himself looks in horror as chunks of his body begin to break down, eventually causing his whole body to disintegrate. Deidara yells that this was a masterful work and Tobi thinks over the technique-s abilities. The jutsu uses tiny microscopic bombs which disperse into the air when the giant Deidara pops. The tiny bombs enter the body and then explode, destroying the body from within. Deidara states he should thank Itachi and moves his hair from away his left eye. He raises his arms in victory but is frozen in place while a curse seal level two Sasuke jumps and pierces him from behind with Chidori. Sasuke offers that Deidara has used most of his chakra, which has slowed his movement. He reveals he can-t see the bombs, but the Sharingan can gives color to the chakra carrying them. Deidara weakly asks then if the scene he saw earlier was Genjutsu. Sasuke says yes and states he won-t kill him until he reveals Itachi-s location. Deidara states he does indeed have to thank Itachi... Suddenly a hand bursts from the bird below to grab Sasuke ankle, it-s Deidara! The one pierced with Chidori turns to clay. Deidara says he fell to that Genjutsu years before and it won-t happen again. He thinks over how hard he worked to train his left eye to counter Sharingan. He then yells in glee for Sasuke to take this C4 attack!...

Chapter 361: "Weak Point...!!" - Deidara emits a second C4 bomb from his mouth which inflates and envelopes Sasuke. Deidara himself squirms out and jumps away, boasting that now Sasuke is out of chakra and can-t free himself. Inside Sasuke uses his Sharingan to get a better look at the micro-bombs. Deidara flies through the air and winces at his injuries and sees that he can-t model art anymore due to his low chakra. Inside Sasuke looks into his body to see the movement of the bombs and suddenly bursts out of the C4 prison with Chidori. Deidara is surprised but mocks Sasuke-s weakened condition. As Sasuke flies toward Deidara with Chidori, Deidara activates his bombs and the two men fall to the ground below. Deidara looks up to see the snakes from Sasuke-s wing disintegrate and he yells in glee that he won. Suddenly a normal Sasuke appears from behind and slams a hard fist into Deidara-s cheek, sending him flying. Deidara is confused, realizing he wasn-t caught in Genjutsu. He then asks… could it be? Sasuke says yes. Deidara didn-t hide his hand seals well enough, a deadly mistake against a Sharingan user who can read them at any speed. Deidara used Earth element seals, which are weak to Lightning. Sasuke explains he turned the C4 bombs into duds with his Lightning, which also hurt his body too. Deidara asks when Sasuke figured out his art-s one weak spot. Sasuke explains he began to grasp it early in the fight, as the bombs hit with Chidori Senbon didn-t explode. That gave him a theory. It was unclear at first whether the bombs which landed near Tobi were stopped due to the Senbon or due to Deidara stopping them. However, the land mines were set to automatically explode. For that reason he threw his sword into the ground. Not to check if there was a mine, as there actually was, but to see if it would be disabled by Lightning chakra. Deidara yells in anger as to how he could even see the mines? A morbid looking Sasuke responds that his eyes give color to chakra, didn-t he mention that already?...


Chapter 362: "Ultimate Art!!" - Deidara angrily asks Sasuke what if he was wrong about being able to disable the mine? Sasuke replies that he would have had to use his other option. Deidara is surprised he still had unrevealed jutsu. He moves to stand but falls. Sasuke asks where Itachi is and Deidara sends out clay snakes in response. Sasuke disables the snakes with lightning and then collapses to his knees as well. Deidara gloats that he can tell Sasuke is out of chakra too and even if he himself can-t move, he can still win. Sasuke merely stares on and Deidara yells both Sasuke and his brother have such cocky demeanors with eyes that disrespect his art. Sasuke states he could care less and his Sharingan disappears. Deidara rips off his shirt revealing a chest mouth which has been sewn up. He removes the stitches and then feeds the maw some clay. Black veins emerge all over his body and he gleefully states that this is his ultimate art... self-destruction. He will become a work of art, in an explosion which will scar the earth like nothing before. He states it will be worthy of praise and then silently offers Tobi an apology. He states the explosion will cover an inescapable 10 kilometers. He yells for Sasuke to show his fear. Sasuke moves to flee but stumbles. The dark veins begin to increase and Deidara yells to Sasuke to fall in despair and awe because his art... is a bang! Suddenly an enormous, sculpted explosion rips through the countryside, destroying everything in its path...


Chapter 363: "Sasuke-s Death...!!" - For miles around people stare in wonder at the explosion. The Leaf and Team Sasuke members react in surprise and then move toward the blast. Karin tries to find Sasuke-s chakra and fails. Zetsu watches on also and figures Tobi died in the explosion along with Deidara. Suigetsu recognizes that-s where he was supposed to meet Sasuke. He pulls out a scroll with a snake on it, which begins to fade. Elsewhere Zetsu tells the gathered Akatsuki that Deidara died. Itachi asks who took him out, Sasuke or the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki? Zetsu says Sasuke, but he died too. Itachi is silent and the leader states he should be grateful that Deidara eliminated a hindrance. Kisame states they-re forgetting someone and Zetsu states Tobi-s apparently dead too. Kisame states he was good at running, but it must have been too big an explosion to escape. The leader states men of Tobi-s level are easy to find but not so of Deidara. He states he-s going to mourn and leaves. Elsewhere Suigetsu unrolls the scroll and places blood from a vial on it. Suddenly a charred Manda is summoned. Suigetsu is surprised Manda was controlled and then notices the snake was under Genjutsu. Sasuke emerges and then collapses. Suigetsu asks who he fought and Manda angrily accuses Sasuke of using him with those eyes of his. He states how dare he and then dies. Suigetsu states Sasuke should be nicer to animals. Revealing the Manda summoning tattoo on his forearm, Sasuke states he had no choice. Karin and Juugo then arrive. Karin states she was worried and Suigetsu surmises Sasuke summoned Manda to take the brunt of the blast and then traveled with him through space-time back from where he came. Sasuke states his opponent was an Akatsuki who was much stronger than he thought. Suigetsu says they should rest and Karin accuses him of being weak since he beat Orochimaru. Sasuke says that-s another story, as Orochimaru was already weakened when he fought him. In the large industrial city, a figure calls for "Pain" the Akatsuki leader. Pain is revealed as a Hidden Rain missing-nin with numerous facial piercings. He rises and joins the female Akatsuki member. Before them stands a mysterious figure in the shadows. Pain asks what happened to Sasuke and the figure states everything is going well. Sasuke-s Sharingan showed growth and it will soon surpass Itachi-s. Pain asks of the Kyuubi. The figure states Pain should capture him and as the leader failure is not an option...

Sasuke and Naruto

Chapter 364: "The Objective...!!" - Kisame states the amount of rain their area is receiving is strange. Itachi looks into the sky and Kisame wonders aloud how Itachi feels now. If he didn-t know better he would believe there were tears hidden by that rain, since he-s the last Uchiha. Itachi states he-s not the last and in any case, the rain has stopped. Elsewhere at an inn a bandaged Sasuke rests. He asks what info they-ve gathered. Suigetsu says quite a bit, but not much on Itachi. The group looks for those with a special chakra. Juugo offers that the animals he spoke to say the Akatsuki hideouts give off an ominous chakra. Suigetsu is surprised animals can pick up chakra, but offers that-s a given since it-s just like Karin. Karin reacts badly to the insult, exploding Suigetsu-s upper body with a powerful kick. Juugo begins to tremble as the two fight. An urge to kill rises and his body marks emerge. Suigetsu and Karin jump to subdue him and Sasuke uses Sharingan to calm him. They then react in surprise to see Sasuke has fallen asleep sitting up. At the explosion crater the Leaf arrive. Kiba offers that Sasuke-s scent is weak and one of the nin-dogs states Sasuke is apparently traveling with three others. Naruto is eager to track them down but the dogs state they can-t. Kiba closes his eyes and forms a hand seal, stating the scent dies here. Yamato offers that is probably because Sasuke was blown away or he used a time-space jutsu. Kiba says it is probably the latter and then states his nose is better than a nin-dogs, as he-s found their scent. Kakashi thinks how far Kiba has developed. Naruto is excited and they move out. In the industrial city the shadow figure states that Naruto should not be taken lightly, he-s growing powerful and has numerous comrades. He states Naruto alone took out two of Kakuzu-s hearts. The kunoichi offers that it isn-t a worry, Pain has never lost a battle. The figure states that-s true and tells them to have the group collect the remaining Jinchuuriki. Pain says he knows and the figure grabs a cloak and takes his leave. The figure states the objective is about to finally be achieved. It begins to rain and lightning and he continues that things will soon be back to their original state. The lightning flashes and we see the figure is Tobi! He continues, stating the Sharingan-s true power... his power, the power of Uchiha Madara! We close in to see the Sharingan through his mask hole; he then jumps away. The kunoichi looks at Pain and observes that the heavens weep yet again, and asks if he?...

Movie 4 Promo

Chapter 365: "Chasing Itachi" - Team Snake awaits Karin-s return at the inn. She walks back plotting time with Sasuke when she is suddenly startled. Elsewhere the Leaf ninja rush onwards following Kiba-s nose. Karin senses the high amount of chakra and realizes a tracking dog may be with them. Suigetsu is angered at the Karin-s slowness and begins to head out. Just then she busts down the door onto Suigetsu alerting the group that they-re being tracked. Sasuke asks Juugo if he has the maps for the Akatsuki hideouts, he says yes and they get ready to leave. Outside Sasuke is surprised at his healing power, attributing it to Orochimaru. Sasuke surmises the oncoming group is the Leaf and they should be ignored in favor of finding Itachi. And if it comes to it, Sasuke himself will take on Itachi while the others face the Leaf. Karin takes Juugo aside and asks if his bird friends can help her. She reveals Sasuke-s battle robe, which she fawns over. She asks Juugo if his birds can take pieces of the robe in every direction, to make tracking difficult. Elsewhere Kiba announces that he-s now having trouble finding the scent. Kakashi states they-ve been discovered, probably due to a chakra-sensing shinobi. Kiba states it would be impossible for him to follow the numerous scents, so Naruto takes the initiative, creating Mass Shadow Clones which head off in every direction. A short time later Team Snake arrives at one of Akatsuki-s hideouts. Sasuke tells them to wait while he goes on. Elsewhere a Naruto sees a cloaked figure which Sharingan so he moves to hide. From the shadows steps Itachi, who asks Naruto to reveal himself...


Chapter 366: "Brothers" - Naruto asks if Itachi plans to capture him, Itachi says no, just talk. Two Narutos attack from behind but are taken out by Itachi. Naruto states he can-t trust him. Itachi raises his hands and Naruto thinks back over how to attack Sharingan users. Itachi asks why he doesn-t run. Naruto says he can number in the thousands and has no reason to run anyway, as capturing him will draw out Sasuke. Itachi asks why Naruto is interested in his traitorous brother. Naruto states that Sasuke is more his brother than Itachi-s. He charges and Itachi dissolves into birds stating he just wants to talk. In Konoha, Jiraiya enters Tsunade-s office and states he-s found Akatsuki-s leader. Shizune states they should quickly plan a surprise attack. Jiraiya says they should wait. He asks Tsunade out for a drink to talk it over. An angered Tsunade yells that she can-t just leave in the middle of the day to drink, not when ninja are out on missions. We then cut to Tsunade and Jiraiya in a bar drinking sake. Jiraiya explains that the Akatsuki leader is in Hidden Rain. Tsunade offers surprise since Rain has strict borders, that it would seem difficult for one like him to move around. Jiraiya states that-s the perfect reason to be there, in a place which strongly hides its secrets. He goes on to explain that the country has been in civil war and apparently the leader is leading one side. Tsunade offers that Rain-s location makes it the battlefield of the surrounding countries. The constant strife and refugees have also increased over time. Jiraiya states that-s why he needs to sneak in and find out the truth. Tsunade is surprised he-d go alone and Jiraiya states he-ll be okay, he-s a Sannin. Tsunade apologizes for putting him in difficult situations. Jiraiya laughs it off and Tsunade states Jiraiya was always meant to be the Fifth. Jiraiya retorts that he-d be a horrible Hokage. Tsunade states she knows he regretted not being able to stop Orochimaru and kept track of him for that reason. Jiraiya says that-s no longer a problem. Tsunade says yes, she can-t believe he-s dead either. Tsunade begins to reminisce about their time with the Third and Jiraiya begins to joke about how much she-s grown. He then offers that his role has changed in life. It-s now to inspire the younger generation and that-s something he-d gladly give his life for. Elsewhere Naruto asks why Itachi is there. Itachi offers that unfortunately he now has to go, as something has come up. He disperses and we cut to Sasuke walking through the Akatsuki cave. In the darkness he sees a figure and asks who it is. Soon Itachi and Sasuke are staring each other down intently, Sharingan to Sharingan...

Sasuke & Itachi

Chapter 367: "Itachi and Sasuke" - Itachi asks if Sasuke has gotten taller and he replies that Itachi has not changed a bit. Itachi asks if he-s going to scream and charge like last time. Sasuke replies that he knows nothing about him and in a flash he-s behind Itachi. He extends his Chidori sword through Itachi-s back and throws him into the air. Sasuke tells him that he could not grasp the hate that filled his heart and how strong it made him. Suddenly Chidori blades pierce outwards from the main blade in Itachi-s chest. Elsewhere Tsunade vomits onto the ground and Jiraiya jokes that she can-t hold her liquor. Tsunade warns Jiraiya to be careful, as he-s facing a person who keeps Akatsuki in line on his own turf. She then states if she loses him too and trails off. Jiraiya laughs that he should be honored to get her tears, though it probably won-t be as many as Dan got. Tsunade is not amused and Jiraiya jokes that she should bet everything she has on his death, since she always loses. He states women dumping men always make them stronger. They discuss relationships and Tsunade tells him to send a toad for her if he gets into trouble. Jiraiya states she can-t leave Konoha; the Hokage has to stay to run things. She states there are other worthy Hokage candidates like Kakashi and Naruto eventually. Jiraiya approves of Kakashi but states Naruto has a long ways to go. She states that-s surprising since Jiraiya himself increased his power so much. Jiraiya replies it was just like teaching Namikaze Minato again, and Tsunade states their resemblance is uncanny. Jiraiya replies that Minato was a once in a decade genius who was so driven that he was their Fourth Hokage in a flash. Jiraiya states he never had kids but if the Fourth had been his son, he would have bragged all the time. Tsunade smiles and states that makes her think of how different they are too. She offers that Naruto is more like his mother Uzumaki Kushina. Both he and she as a kunoichi from the former Whirlpool Country were alike in personality and Ninjutsu. Jiraiya happily recounts how big a tom boy the red-haired Kushina was. Tsunade states that she became a beauty when she grew up but Naruto still looks a lot like his father. Jiraiya states it-s that very reason why he sees him in Naruto and why he now views Naruto like his grandson. He moves to leave and tells her to keep an eye on Root. In the cave Sasuke stands over Itachi-s body. Itachi offers that Sasuke has gotten stronger and tells him to come alone to the Uchiha hideout. His body then turns into birds which fly away. In the Rain Country a small toad emerges from some water as rain falls. It opens its mouth and Jiraiya emerges. He states it was easier to get in than he thought, or at least appears to be easy. Elsewhere the female Akatsuki member asks Pain what-s wrong, and he states someone with a powerful and dangerous chakra has disturbed his rain...


Chapter 368: "Intelligence Gathering" - Team Snake rushes to Sasuke-s side and he states they were to stay back. Suigetsu states that Karin felt another chakra and she notices the feathers. They then move out. The rain falls in the industrial Rain Country city and a cloaked Jiraiya walks among the crowds. Elsewhere Pain states he-s going to stop the rain and tells Konan, the Akatsuki kunoichi, to locate the intruder. Elsewhere two Rain missing-nin seek protection from the weather, they notice a sign for a new club offering cheap drinks and head in. A mustachioed bartender welcomes them and they ask for some sake. The first man asks to verify that it-s not Sunday. The other says it-s not, so something must be happening with lord Pain. The first comments that it-s never rained on any other day. The other offers that Pain probably has a reason. The other is still surprised by the storm-s strength. The other man tells him to suck it up, as Pain is sacrificing himself for the town. The bartender offers their drinks but they state there-s nothing there. The bartender states it-s their lucky day and suddenly transforms into Jiraiya. The two ninja jump backwards, pull kunai and demand an explanation. Jiraiya replies he-ll ask the questions. From outside the bar the building morphs into a huge frog, which quickly shrinks and then jumps into the nearby river. Elsewhere Pain raises his arms, stops the Rain and tells Konan to proceed. She forms a hand seal and her body disperses into paper. The paper then begins to fold into butterflies which take flight. In the bar the two ninja are subdued by stomached lined walls. Jiraiya offers that they appear to be low ranking ninja. One of the Rain ninja asks Jiraiya who he is. Jiraiya reveals a feather and retorts that didn-t he say he would ask the questions? He then states it-ll be tickle torture unless they talk, and he wants to know about their leader Pain...


Chapter 369: "Concerning Pain" - Jiraiya tickles one of the Rain but the man refuses to talk. Jiraiya threatens to turn him into a frog and then continues to tickle. His partner yells not to underestimate them; they-re true shinobi who won-t betray their comrades. Jiraiya forms a hand seal and states he has no choice then. Placing his palm on the first ninja, the jutsu activates in a puff of smoke revealing a frog where the first Rain ninja once was. The second ninja freaks out and begins to spill. He states that Pain is a mysterious figure who is said to reside in the tallest tower in the city. He is rumored to be from the Fuuma clan and no one knows what he looks like. The ninja asks then if Jiraiya is from the old regime in Rain. Jiraiya says it doesn-t matter and what does he mean by "old regime"? The Rain ninja recognizes Jiraiya as a stranger and states the truth of the matter is, that the rebels won and now control the country, all thanks to Pain. Jiraiya states surprise that he could beat Hanzou the Salamander, the powerful and well known leader of Rain. The Rain states it wasn-t easy, as Hanzou had constant protection. Jiraiya asks how he was killed and the ninja replies that he already said he knows little. Jiraiya flashes back to a previous war. The Sannin, battle weary, stand amongst fallen shinobi. Before them on a large salamander is Hanzou. Hanzou states the Leaf will more than likely win in the end but he-ll let the three of them live. Jiraiya yells that he can still fight but Tsunade tells him to shush. Hanzou recognizes their power and states they must take on the name of "Sannin" in exchange for him sparing their lives. In the present the Rain ninja offers that Pain-s power is not of this world. He is a true, heartless shinobi. Pain not only killed Hanzou but Hanzou-s family, friends and business associates, all as punishment, like a god. Elsewhere Pain touches a wall which opens a hidden portal. He then reclines on a bed marked "One" and closes his eyes. Five other beds containing figures in Akatsuki robes surround him. Quickly a figure on another bed opens his spiral eyes which resemble those of Pain and states it-s time to find the intruder...

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 5855 раз

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