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Naruto - Manga Guide - Volume Forty-One

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Volume Forty-One Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 41
Title: NA


Chapter 370: "Uneasiness" - In the bed chamber, a figure rises. Elsewhere Jiraiya asks what god’s plan is but the prisoner says he doesn-t know. Jiraiya asks what then of Akatsuki, and the other replies he knows nothing of them either. Jiraiya warns him not to lie and threatens to turn him into a bug. The prisoner yells that he doesn-t care, he-s a loyal shinobi. Jiraiya says oh well, he was never good at interrogation and leaves to talk to "god". The wall opens and he exits to a toad statuary. Forming a hand seal he expels a toad with a scroll body. The toad states that Naruto-s key... but Jiraiya says no, it-s not for training. He is about to fight someone and wants to take care of some things. The toad unfurls and Jiraiya moves to press his seal for the storage release. He states that if something happens to him, to go to Naruto. The toad says that-s insane, as his key matches Naruto-s Hakke seal. Each year Naruto-s seal weakens, and the Fourth left the key to reinforce Naruto-s seal. Jiraiya states Minato left the key for Naruto. The toad states Naruto isn-t ready, and that the last time they messed with the seal Jiraiya got injured. Jiraiya states the key was entrusted to him so he must have planned for Naruto to master the jutsu one day. The toad asks if Naruto even needs such a jutsu as he has no control over it and opening it completely would fully release the Kyuubi. Jiraiya replies that Minato had no choice and he wisely split Kyuubi-s dark and light chakra so Naruto could use the light half for combating the dark. He then wonders why Minato sealed the Kyuubi in his son. The toad says he has no idea. Jiraiya says there was a purpose, and he bets the Fourth hoped Naruto would figure it out. The toad says he-s over-thinking it but Jiraiya says there is more to the whole thing. The Kyuubi is a natural disaster but it wasn-t an accident it attacked Konoha, someone summoned it. The toad says that-s crazy, no one could do that. Jiraiya replies one could, Uchiha Clan founder, Madara. The toad laughs and states no way, as Madara was one of Konoha-s founders over 60 years ago. Meanwhile at the Valley of the End, Tobi sits on the statue of Madara opposite Shodai Hokage. Jiraiya states this whole thing gives him a bad feeling...


Chapter 371: "Old Friend" - Tobi wonders whether Sasuke will remain a snake or shed his skin to become a hawk. Elsewhere Team Snake rushes on and Karin states there are people with identical chakra all around them. Sasuke states they will push through. Naruto continues through the forest and sees Sasuke ahead. He yells out and is quickly dispatched by Sasuke-s Chidori. The clone disperses in smoke and Sasuke states Naruto never gives up. Elsewhere Naruto receives the knowledge of the meeting and yells to the others to follow him. In Rain, the imprisoned Rain ninja emerges and tells the frog to return to Konoha and find Ibiki. The man walks off and hopes that they buy the disguise. Konan spies the man and returns to Pain. She states the intruder is Jiraiya. Pain offers his surprise that "Jiraiya-sensei" is here, but says it means nothing; he still needs to be killed. We see Pain is in a new body, another Rain ninja, this one with long hair, bigger piercings and the same circular eyes. He tells Konan to track him down. She offers to delay him until he gets there but Pain says no, she can kill him if she gets the chance. She disperses into paper and takes off. Soon the paper quickly advances on the disguised Jiraiya. It quickly envelops him and Konan takes form with a paper spear. She moves to strikes but Jiraiya slides out of the shadow of the figure and blows fire to stop her advancement. Konan states her recognition of the technique. Jiraiya states he hoped the bait would draw out Pain and offers surprise that it was her instead. He then tells Konan she has improved her jutsu and grown into a fine woman...


Chapter 372: "The Crying Country" - Jiraiya states he thought she was dead. The Rain ninja offers that she-s God-s angel and tells her to kill the intruder. She orders him to leave and he runs off. Jiraiya asks who Pain is. Konan takes to the air with wings of paper and send sharp feathers towards Jiraiya. He rolls away, spits oil to pin her arms and then extends his hair to grab her. He states she always loved origami and was the kindest of the kids. He states he thought they were all dead but that was apparently a lie. He then asks which one is Pain. Konan asks if he regrets not listening to Orochimaru years ago. She then states they will make his plans come to pass. Jiraiya then understands who Pain must be, we then flashback to the Sannin returning from the war with Rain. A small light-haired child asks Jiraiya for food and he asks where the child’s parents are. The child states they were killed in the war. Jiraiya gives him some crackers and the child yells for the others to come out. Two other children emerge and they quickly finish the food. As the Sannin leave the children follow. The light-haired child asks them to teach them Ninjutsu. The young girl, Konan, folds the cracker paper into a flower as a thank you. Orochimaru offers that they should just kill them as they have nothing but pain in their future as orphans. Jiraiya tells Orochimaru he-s crazy and states he-ll take care of them for awhile. In a small shack Jiraiya and the children sit before a cooked fish. The light haired boy is excited but the dark haired boy begins to cry. The light haired boy, Yahiko, asks Nagato what-s wrong. He states it reminds him of his family and Yahiko tells him to man up. Jiraiya states the war will end soon and hopefully by the time they-re older the world will have peace. Yahiko says no way; the world has to first feel the pain they-ve felt. He offers that it always rains here, so it-s like the country itself is a crybaby too. He states he will change that and asks Jiraiya to train them. A short time passes and Jiraiya thinks over Yahiko-s words. Konan rushes in and yells for help. Outside Jiraiya finds a dead Rock Chuunin refugee and an injured Yahiko and Nagato. Yahiko states the man tried to take their money and food but Nagato... Jiraiya looks in surprise at Nagato, who looks on in shock with a set of familiar circular eyes...


Chapter 373: "The Teacher and Student Era" - Jiraiya recognizes the eyes as the Rinnegan, one of the three legendary Doujutsu. The same eyes possessed by the Rikudou Sennin, the man regarded as the original modern shinobi. A tool Jiraiya once regarded as a myth, with the ability to create and destroy. Jiraiya states he will train them and the orphans are excited. Yahiko thanks Nagato for helping him and they all promise to become stronger. Later one night Jiraiya wakens to find Nagato outside crying. Nagato explains how he went berserk after seeing Yahiko hurt, and now he-s scared of what he did. Jiraiya tells the boy that he saved his friend, and that-s a good thing. By feeling hurt one knows how others can feel, which makes them human. Nagato asks how he can be like that and Jiraiya says it just comes with age. Nagato states he wants to protect his friends no matter what pain he has to feel. Several years pass and the trio manage to defeat one of Jiraiya-s Kage Bunshin. Jiraiya states he-s proud of them and now it-s time for him to leave. Yahiko is sad and Jiraiya jokes that he doesn-t want people to think he-s a baby, does he? He tells Konan she-ll grow into a fine woman and states they-ll have tough times ahead. If they work together they can change things, and asks Nagato if he can recognize that they-ve now grown and matured. Nagato thanks Jiraiya and we return to the present. Jiraiya states he heard of them off and on years later, fighting in many dangerous battles. Konan states he has no idea of what they went through and Jiraiya agrees, but offers that Akatsuki-s goals are still wrong. From above Pain warns that that-s merely Jiraiya-s opinion. Jiraiya offers that the man before him has changed but he still recognizes Nagato and his eyes. He asks what happened to them and Pain says it doesn-t matter, as Jiraiya is an outsider...

Chapter 374: "Growing into a God!!" - Pain moves to summon and a gigantic crustacean emerges from a nearby wall to spew water on Konan to remove the oil and force Jiraiya to retreat. Konan is freed and Pain orders her back. Jiraiya extends his hair to entangle the summon and force it to poof away in smoke. His hair continues on, eventually wrapping up Pain. Jiraiya states he has so much to ask, first Yahiko. Pain offers some recognition of that name, stating he died. Jiraiya can-t believe the cold Pain was once the scared and determined Nagato. Pain explains how he-s faced so much death and pain, which helped him grow, grow into a god. In this position he-s learned so much, a simple human couldn-t understand. And as God he-ll end wars, by using the Bijuu to create a Kinjutsu powerful enough to wipe out one of the Five Great Shinobi countries. The use of such jutsu will cause such pain and suffering, that war cease and the world will grow like he did. Jiraiya can-t believe that such a terrible joke could be dreamed up but Pain says it-s his duty as a god of peace. Suddenly the hair impales Pain but he moves with a replacement jutsu. In an instant Pain stands atop a huge battle hardened chameleon. Pain offers that Jiraiya is just a child whose growth was stunted but the hermit laughs saying a mere kid is saying that to him? Jiraiya then launches a boast of his own sagely accomplishments and summons a frog underneath him. Jiraiya trips and chastises "Gamaken" for not holding steady. The huge battle-hardened toad says he-s not the clumsy one...

Chapter 375: "The Two Great Sennin...!!" - Jiraiya yells that they shouldn-t delay and moves to wipe additional lines on his cheeks. The chameleon swallows Pain and turns invisible. Jiraiya states he-s going into sennin mode by calling on the Two Great Sennin. He asks Gamaken for time to prepare and moves to create a barrier. Pain understands he-ll be sensed if he steps inside the barrier and sends a giant multi-headed dog to attack. Gamaken and the beast exchange attacks, and the two Leaf notice that the dog grows a new head every time it is struck. Jiraiya ponders whether Pain has used some amplification jutsu on the summon. It charges again, splits and Gamaken moves to knock them away. As he jumps from building to building a giant bird comes flying in. Gamaken moves to defend with his shield and gets knocked to the city below. Jiraiya realizes he has no opportunity to attack and wonders why one who impossibly mastered all six chakra nature transformations now only uses summoning. He further wonders if Pain doesn-t desire to fight directly. A giant ram stands before the two and Jiraiya asks to handle this alone. The ram charges and Gamaken disappears. In a puff of smoke the beast is sent crashing backwards. One voice asks why they-re only called upon in the middle of such vicious fights, the other surmises that that is why Gamabunta is always mad. The male toad states little Jiraiya must have a reason. Jiraiya apologizes to the female "boss" toad. She is surprised because she thought Jiraiya never liked this form. He replies he had no choice, his foe has the Rinnegan. The mother toad is surprised but Jiraiya says it-s true, and asks for them to lend him their power. From the shadows emerges an altered Jiraiya, with a toad on each shoulder…

Chapter 376: "The Prophesized Child" - The elder father frog chastises Jiraiya for not being able to use Sennin mode by himself. Jiraiya apologizes and Pain thinks over how each Sannin has their own unique abilities. The frogs ask where Pain is and Jiraiya explains his invisibility. The frogs also question why Jiraiya is fighting him and he explains that Pain is a former student. The frogs theorize he must be the "prophesized" one and Jiraiya explains how Pain didn-t grow into the person he hoped. The frogs agree they should kill him and state the clueless old frog didn-t know what he was talking about anyway. The elder mother extends a snake-like tongue which quickly wraps around and reveals their invisible foe. The father toad follows with another attack which finishes off the Chameleon. It poofs away leaving Pain behind. The frogs see Pain-s Rinnegan and state they do match the prophecy. We flashback to a younger Jiraiya learning from Bunta that the old toad sage wants to see him. Jiraiya is surprised and goes before the gigantic old toad. The toad sage becomes confused as to Jiraiya’s identity and the elder father and mother sitting before him try to straighten him out. The sage explains how he prophesized that Jiraiya would one day become a huge pervert and skilled shinobi. However, he would also take on a pupil who could lead a revolution of peace or destruction. And it will be Jiraiya-s choice which will determine which fate will befall the world. Jiraiya asks the sage if he-s ever been wrong and he says no, as he prophesized of Jiraiya-s coming to their mountain as a young boy in the past. In the present Jiraiya wonders if the time for his choice has finally come. Pain looks on and summons two figures with piercing wearing Akatsuki cloaks. The elder mother toad states that Pain will cause the destruction of the world, and Jiraiya agrees that it-s his duty to stop him!

Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto

Chapter 377: "Sennin Mode!!" - The Sennin are confused about the appearance of two more Rinnegan users and the mother frog complains about the fight encroaching on dinner time. Jiraiya yells that it-s time for full Sennin mode but the frogs strike back at him for yelling in their ears. The mother and father toads then get into a shouting match over dinner when suddenly one of the Rinnegan users charges. Jiraiya kicks him back which damages the Pain-s eyes. He then follows up with a combo hot oil attack. The bigger Rinnegan user jumps in front of Pain and deflects the attack. The Sennin retreat up a wall and Jiraiya states they-ll try close combat. He crouches and his body takes on an even more frog-like appearance. They charge at the big Rinnegan user with a huge Rasengan. The Rinnegan user takes the brunt of the attack and absorbs it into nothingness in his body. The father toad throw a smoke bomb and the Sennin move to strike, however their opponent blocks the attack with no trouble. Jiraiya launches from the smoke and lands behind Pain. He sends a barrage of hair needles but Pain summons a panda shield for defense. Jiraiya offers that their opponents are reacting to attacks from their blindsides with the perfect counter. The Sennin work out the truth of the matter, somehow all three men have the same eyes and see the same target from multiple points of view...

Chapter 378: "One on One...!!" - Jiraiya ponders how even Sennin mode may not be enough at his opponent-s current level. The toads suggest retreat and the Sennin quickly escape to the pipes. They then ponder their next move and discuss how the Rinnegan allows all three men to share the same vision. This then allows them to cover all their blind spots without the need for chakra or hand seals. They then determine they will need to split up their foes. The father toad suggests their powerful musical Genjutsu but the mother refuses, offering she-s embarrassed to sing. Unfortunately, they state it also gives away the singer’s location immediately. Jiraiya tells the toads to flee if things get dangerous but they decline, saying the world is at stake. Jiraiya then offers that he may have a plan. The toads begin their song and the Pains rush down the hallway towards them. Suddenly another Jiraiya emerges from behind to emit a huge fireball attack. The fat Pain moves to absorb it and is engulfed in flames. The damaged eyes Pain and the original rush on. Jiraiya launches a fireball at them and they jump up to avoid it. The blind Pain lands on the ceiling but is sucked into a summoned swamp. The original Pain falls towards Jiraiya and the Sannin gloats that it-s one on one yet again...


Chapter 379: "Jiraiya-s Choice!!" - Jiraiya jumps and kicks Pain in the chest, knocking him away. The toads continue their song. Suddenly Pain awakes to find he and his two partners in a paralyzing cube. Jiraiya offers that he never lets down his guard no matter whom he fights, and states that Nagato lost his way. He explains how Nagato should have used his strength to overcome the pain. Jiraiya remembers the old sage toad’s words and then offers his goodbye to Nagato. A short time passes and Jiraiya finishes impaling the third Pain body. The toads cough and state the singing wore them out. Jiraiya tells them to rest, as he finally made his foretold choice. Suddenly Pain is behind Jiraiya, offering that he thought his sensei taught him never to let down his guard?... In an instant Jiraiya is knocked through the walls out to the lake. Jiraiya stands, revealing his left arm has been totally torn away. The toads yell in confusion and Jiraiya offers that the three faces are different from the previous ones. The toads wonder if the new opponents were summoned before their Genjutsu started. From the damage hole emerges the three new pierced Rinnegan opponents... and the three other impaled Pains, together identified as Pain Rikudou. The toads try to grasp what it means. Jiraiya states one of the new summons must have a resurrection jutsu to revive the three he just killed. The mother toad wonders whether he is even human. The originally revealed Pain offers that "Pain" is a term for all six of them. Jiraiya asks why they all possess the Rinnegan and suddenly comes to a realization...

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 8035 раз

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