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Anime info

Naruto - Anime Guide - Season 8 (Episodes 183-208)

Naruto Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine
Shippuuden Season: One | Two

Anime Guide: Season 8 (Episodes 183-208)
Mai Season Eight of the series started in Spring of 2006. The series would continue its filler arcs to give the manga a chance to get further ahead.

The Music

Opening Eight: "Re:member" by FLOW

Episodes: 179-202

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Nine: "Yura Yura" by Hearts Grow

Episodes: 203-

Closing Thirteen: "Yellow Moon" by Akeboshi

Episodes: 179-191

Closing Fourteen: "Pinokio (Pinocchio)" by Ore Ska Band

Episodes: 192-202

Closing Fifteen: "Shinario (Scenario)" by SABOTEN

Episodes: 203-
The Story Arcs
Episode 178-183: Hidden Star Village (Cont.)

Episode 183: "Hoshi wa kagayaki o mashite ~ The Star Whose Brillance Increases"

Airdate: 05/03/2006

Sumaru finds his mother dead, and Star ninja destroy the building under Akahoshi-s orders. When Mizura arrives and tells of the meteor-s bad side effects the ninja begin to turn against Akahoshi. He proclaims himself Fourth Hoshikage and imbeds the star in his chest. He-s is unstoppable until Naruto and the ghost of Natsuhi destroy the star for good. Sumaru emerges okay and the group returns to Konoha so its medical ninja can help Mizura.
Episode 184-186: Individual Stories

This brief collection features one-shot story episodes.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 184: "Inuzuka Kiba no naga-i ichinichi ~ Inuzuka Kiba’s Looong Day"

Airdate: 05/10/2006

Akamaru begins acting strange after being infected with a biological agent. Kiba grows protective of Akamaru during his weird behavior. When ANBU take Akamaru away for observation after he attacked other ninja, Kiba smuggles him away. Tsunade gives Kiba-s sister Hana an antidote. Kiba is afraid because of Akamaru-s brutality. He manages to find some shred of his friend in the beast and apply the antidote, saving Akamaru.

Episode 185: "Konohagakure no densetsu Onbaa wa jitsuzaishita!! ~ Hidden Leaf Legend, Onbaa Really Exists!!"

Airdate: 05/17/2006

Naruto is out training when a small fur ball lands on and attaches to his back. He learns the fur ball is actually a young Onbaa, a legendary animal. He feels the animal is a pest at first but he eventually grows close to it. Tsunade sends Naruto on a mission in the hopes of getting the Onbaa injured so it will leave Naruto. On his journey the animal is eventually reunited with its mother.

Episode 186: "Warau Shino ~ Laughing Shino"

Airdate: 05/24/2006

The always serious Shino and Naruto are sent to assist a clan member for a funeral. As long as he does not laugh he gets all the inheritance and his kin get nothing. Shino gets poisoned with a laughing potion and Naruto does his best to not laugh as fellow clan members perform wacky antics. When the deceased is revealed alive, the clan learns he wanted them to laugh again and not focus on money.
Episode 187-191: Vegetable Country

This filler introduces the Vegetable Country. When a mission is submitted to help a caravan of peddlers, Naruto, Chouji and Hinata soon learn there is more behind their hiring.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 187: "Kaigyou!! Konoha hikkoshi sentaa ~ Open for Business!! Konoha House Moving Center"

Airdate: 05/31/2006

Naruto, Chouji and Hinata are hired to help a caravan of peddlers move. When the group comes under attack, the trio wonders what is going on. Three criminal brothers have taken over the Vegetable Country and they set their sites on its absent Princess Haruna. Though in disguise as peddlers, one of her protectors leaves to face the enemy alone. He then falls in battle.

Episode 188: "Fukakai nerawareta gyoushounin ~ Mystery, The Targeted Peddler"

Airdate: 06/07/2006

Peddler Shun, Haruna in disguise, decides the caravan should split. One group comes under attack and Naruto figures someone is lying. He demands the truth and Haruna-s cold-hearted demeanor to protect herself angers him. Naruto, Chouji, Haruna and her last guard split from the rest to draw out the youngest brother Ruiga. Hinata then escapes with Haruna.

Episode 189: "Chikasui Mujinzou no ningu ~ Underground Water, Inexhaustible Supply of Ningu"

Airdate: 06/14/2006

The trio retreats from Ruiga-s attacks and figure out the secret behind his manipulation of underground water. Drawn to solid rock he-s unable to withdraw water and Chouji crushes him. Elsewhere Haruna sneak attacks Hinata to escape. Middle brother Jiga then attacks the solo Naruto. His magnetism techniques begin to get the better of Naruto but Hinata arrives.

Episode 190: "Byakugan wa mita! Jiki tsukai no shikaku ~ Insight of the Byakugan! Magnetism User Blind Spot"

Airdate: 06/21/2006

Jiga uses his magnetic powers to bury Naruto in iron rock. Hinata arrives to help but faces trouble as well. She retreats and Jiga follows. Hinata figures out Jiga-s abilities and manages to defeat him. Elsewhere Naruto tracks down Haruna and she angrily lays out her past. Eldest brother Renga then arrives to finish her off for good.

Episode 191: "Shi no senkoku -Kumori tokidoki hare- ~ Sentence of Death -Cloudy and Sometimes Clear-"

Airdate: 06/28/2006

Renga uses his Hyouton powers to focus sunlight to destructive levels. Naruto does everything he can to protect Haruna and she becomes impressed by his drive. Renga explains how he killed the Vegetable Daimyou, Haruna-s father. Naruto manages to reflect Renga-s attack and knock him out. Shizune and other Leaf-nins arrive to help. Haruna then assumes control of the country.
Episode 192-196: Individual Stories and Gai Revenge Mini-arc

This brief collection features one-shot story episodes.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 192: "Ino zekkyou Pocchiari ♥ paradaisu ~ Ino-s Shout! Big-boned ♥ Paradise"

Airdate: 07/05/2006

Ino and Naruto are dispatched to help a young princess. Ino is to impersonate her due to their resemblance. The princess had an arranged marriage to a swinging bachelor but she gained a lot of weight since then. Ino tries to do her best and Naruto intervenes when he thinks things aren-t going well. Hi-jinks ensue and the princess eventually learns the bachelor likes big-boned women.

Episode 193: "Biba doujouyaburi Seishun bakuhatsu da ~ Viva Dojo Training Challenge, Explosion of Youth"

Airdate: 07/12/2006

Lee opens a dojo to test his skills. Gai dons an afro and mustache to challenge him. A spy infiltrates the village and impersonates the disguised Gai. The real Gai is called away and the imposter is put through hell as Lee fights him. Naruto impersonates Gai as well to stall until the real one returns. Gai finally returns and the imposter is taken care of.

Episode 194: "Kaiki Norwareta Yuurei Jou ~ Bizarre, The Cursed Phantom Castle"

Airdate: 07/19/2006

Naruto, Hinata and Kiba are dispatched to investigate the disappearance of Lady Kayo. They find a castle which appears to be haunted. The trio learns the former owner was a feudal lord who summoned a giant Chameleon which transformed into his former residence. The summoning contract is destroyed thanks to the Daimyou-s spirit and the animal returns from whence it came.

Episode 195: "Daisan no choujuu Saidai no raibaru ~ The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival"

Airdate: 07/26/2006

Tsunade examines Lee-s medical progress and recommends rest. Gai introduces Lee to Yagura, who is in the village training. The two spar and his ill intentions are revealed. Yagura leaves on a mission with Gai and Konoha learns he-s an imposter. Neji, TenTen and Naruto go in pursuit and Yagura reveals himself by trapping Gai.

Episode 196: "Namida no gekitotsu! Nekketsu shitei taiketsu ~ Clash of Tears! Hot Blooded Teacher and Student Showdown"

Airdate: 08/09/2006

Yagura reveals he is Ryuudouin Genshou, the son of a man Gai had fought. He is joined by his two brothers and they seek revenge. Lee arrives and is lured into Genshou-s castle. There Lee and Gai face wood men mimicking the other. They go all out and are too much for the jutsu. Gai explains how he fought their father and the brothers learn they may have misunderstood his final words.
Episode 197-201: Gennou the Trap Maker

This filler arc involves master trap maker Gennou taking revenge against Konoha. The Konoha Genin are tasked with hunting him down before he destroys the village.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 197: "Daipinchi! Konoha no 11 nin zen-in shuugou ~ Great Crisis! The Konoha 11 All Assemble"

Airdate: 08/16/2006

Naruto introduces Sakura to Gennou, an old carpenter who is now his friend. Gennou is actually "Trap Maker" Gennou. He flees Konoha after stealing village blueprints and disappears in an explosion. Most Konoha Jounin are sent to the northern border as a precaution. The Genin are gathered to search Konoha for the blueprints. ANBU later arrive to talk to Naruto about his relationship with Gennou.

Episode 198: "Anbu mo oteage Naruto no kioku ~ The ANBU Also Gave Up, Naruto’s Recollection"

Airdate: 08/23/2006

The ANBU perform a hypnosis jutsu on Naruto but come up empty handed. Tsunade tells Shikamaru the Hidden Waterfall is holding training exercises which may hide an invasion. He tells Tsunade that Gennou was better than he let on. The Genin determine Gennou didn-t actually die in the explosion. The Jounin learn Waterfall has no ill intentions. Shikamaru is then surprised to see a bird fly over head releasing coded blueprints for him.

Episode 199: "Matohazure Mietekita hyouteki ~ Missing the Mark, The Visible Target"

Airdate: 08/30/2006

The Genin head to the Ninja Academy because its blueprints are missing. They examine the Academy but find little. Naruto, Chouji and Lee find a strange targeting post. The Genin find exploding notes hidden throughout the building which connect to the ignition point post. Neji and Hinata then use their Byakugan and reveal that notes are hidden all throughout the village.

Episode 200: "Gen-eki baribari Saikyou no suketto ~ Working Hard on Active Duty, The Strongest Helper"

Airdate: 09/13/2006

The Genin set about removing the remaining tags. With the help of Homura and Koharu they determine the tags were placed over 30 years ago. Leaf had fought Hidden Heat Haze which Gennou hailed from. They planned for him to sabotage Leaf but their village was destroyed before the trap could be executed. Naruto finds Gennou inside the Hokage mountain and learns he has further plans.

Episode 201: "Tajuu torappu Houkai no kauntodaun ~ Multiple Traps, Countdown to Collapse"

Airdate: 09/20/2006

Gennou plans to collapse the Hokage Mountain and Naruto moves to stop him. The Leaf ninja deactivate the tags but Gennou activates another and the mountain explodes. Sakura tells them it-s Genjutsu and Gennou flees on a summoned bird. They learn he-s deathly ill and the bird moves to blow up the mountain. Naruto stops it and Gennou states he had fun and dies. They learn he originally wanted to destroy Konoha, but saw his dead son in Naruto and decided to give them all a challenging hunt instead.
Episode 202: Individual Story

Episode 202: "Honjitsu happyou! -Ninjatachi no ase to namida no meishoubu besuto 5! Otanoshimi no bangai hen moaruttebayo" supesharu ~ Announcement Today! Our Best Five Ninja Battles of Sweat and Tears! Enjoy This Extra Compilation- Special"

Airdate: 09/27/2006

Naruto and Sakura host a comedic recap special on the top battles throughout the series.
Episode 203-207: Yakumo-s Genjutsu

This filler arc involves a former student of Kurenai-s named Yakumo who seeks revenge against her. This untrained Genjutsu savant draws many into her illusionary problems.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 203: "Kurenai no ketsudan Torinokosareta daihachi han ~ Kurenai-s Decision, Team 8 Left Behind"

Airdate: 10/05/2006

Naruto meets a young girl named Yakumo and learns what she paints appears to come true. Medical-nin arrive and take her away. Kurenai leaves Team 8 and we learn she was asked in the past by the Third to watch over highly Genjutsu talented Yakumo. She eventually gave up on training her. Naruto confronts Kurenai about her leaving and goes to investigate Yakumo. He impersonates Kurenai and is then knocked out by the medical-nin.

Episode 204: "Nerawareta Yakumo Fuuinsareta nouryoku ~ Yakumo Targeted, The Sealed Ability"

Airdate: 10/05/2006

Naruto confronts Kurenai and she states she doesn-t deserve to train her team and then binds him in a Genjutsu. At the manor, members of Yakumo-s clan are using Genjutsu in an attempt to get to her. The medical-nin send for help and Kurenai-s team, Gai and Sakura rush to help. Kurenai combats the attackers and makes her way inside. There she finds a "scared" Yakumo who had stopped some of her attackers with Genjutsu.

Episode 205: "Kurenai no gokuhi ninmu - Sandaime to no yakusoku - ~ Kurenai-s Top-Secret Mission, The Third-s Arrangement"

Airdate: 10/05/2006

Kurama clan leader Unkai arrives and they assault with Genjutsu so the women flee. Unkai pursues the women and exchanges Genjutsu attacks. Naruto arrives and injures Unkai, causing him to flee. Team 8 confronts Kurenai and she states she sealed Yakumo’s powers out of jealousy but Shino figures she is lying to cover for someone. Naruto talks with Yakumo and she states the Third Hokage ordered her parents killed so Kurenai could seal her powers.

Episode 206: "Genjutsu ka genjitsu ka Gokan o seisuru mono ~ Genjutsu or Reality? Those Who Control the Five Senses"

Airdate: 10/19/2006

Someone paints and they return to Konoha to find it destroyed. Unkai explains they-re in Yakumo-s Genjutsu, what she paints people think is real. He explains they wanted to stop the Genjutsu controlling subconscious within her. They-re all expelled from the illusion but Kurenai remains inside and is slowly painted from existence by the young woman. She tells Yakumo they didn-t kill her parents and she alone will accept her hatred. The others then arrive to help.

Episode 207: "Fuujiraretahazu no chikara ~ The Ability Which Was Sealed"

Airdate: 10/26/2006

Yakumo demands to know why her parents were killed and Naruto goes into the illusion to help. We learn the monster in Yakumo-s unconscious caused the fire which killed her parents. Kurenai then took on the burden of helping Yakumo, and she felt she failed. And now Yakumo-s clan wants to stop her before the beast comes out again. Yakumo moves to kill herself but the beast emerges. Kurenai encourages Yakumo, saying she can stop her monster. She finally understands and kills it, reaching peace with herself and her former teacher. With her mission to help Yakumo now done, Kurenai returns to Team 8.
Episode 208: Individual Story

Episode 208: "Meiki Kachoufuugetsu no omosa ~ Rare Vessel, The Weight of Beauties of Nature"

Airdate: 11/02/2006

Naruto and Kiba escort a "priceless" teacup with their client Shin-emon. He is a total bastard towards their safety, putting the cup above all else. Thugs steal the cup and he fights to get it back. The cup breaks and he falls to his death thinking over how bad a person he was. Naruto saves him to his surprise. He states he-ll simply make another cup and reveals he himself was the priceless treasure, not his work.
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