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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto - Spirits and Entities
Spirits and Entities
Mysterious entities also inhabit the world of Naruto. These take the form of great beasts which can level forests with ease and chakra given a life of its own.

Shukaku the Ichibi (One-Tailed Demon Tanuki)
Shukaku Location: Hidden Sand
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Ichi (One)
Type: Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)
Imbued Within: Gaara
See also: Gaara, Kazekage, Karura, Akatsuki

Tea Kettle
Shukaku is one of the "bijuu", a tailed beast of the ancient world. Seeking a way to create a ninja with a large amount of chakra that would be an unstoppable machine, the Kazekage imbued Shukaku within his unborn son.

Shukaku was said to be the corrupted spirit of a Sand priest who was imprisoned within a tea kettle. Current information suggests Shukaku is a "bijuu", one of the tailed demons of the ancient world. He has been in the possession of Hidden Sand since ages past. When Karura became pregnant and had Shukaku imbued into her son, she cursed the village for what they had done. When Gaara was later born she lost her life in the process. Gaara grew up confused and angry at his place in the village, as all the villagers feared him and his power to control the sands. When Gaara grew older he gained the ability to enter into a forced sleep, which would allow Shukaku to come out. Shukaku would gather sand from the surrounding area to make his large tanuki body. Shukaku seems to be fairly loud and flamboyant in his speech, probably as a result of not being released very often.

The Akatsuki criminal organization sought to obtain Shukaku from Gaara for their own diabolical ends. Demon imbued persons are called "jinchuuriki" by Akatsuki, literally "the power of human sacrifice". This seems to stem from a life being lost when the demon is imbued into the individual. For Gaara, his mother lost her life to imprison Shukaku. When Akatsuki captured Gaara they took him to their cave in the River Country and placed him before their large statue. They then performed a jutsu which seems to withdraw the Shukaku spirit from out of Gaara-s body.

Nibi (Two-Tailed Demon Cat)
Nibi Location: Hidden Cloud
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Ni (Two)
Type: Cat
Imbued Within: Nii Yugito

The two-tailed cat is imbued within Cloud kunoichi Nii Yugito. The Nibi appears to have the ability to emit balls of spectral-like fire. Highly destructive, the Nibi is also known as an "ikiryou" or living ghost.

Nibi and Yugito were captured by Akatsuki for their own diabolical plans. The group removed the demon from Yugito-s body, killing her.

Sanbi (Three-Tailed Demon Turtle)
Sanbi Location: Unknown
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: San (Three)
Type: Turtle
Imbued Within: -

The three-tailed turtle is imbued within no one. The Sanbi lives in an ocean area and has remained uncaptured by any ninja until Akatsuki arrived.

Because Sanbi was "in the wild," he was weaker. This was because he could not properly control his power. Tobi was assigned to capture this demon and did so with the assistance of Deidara. An unconscious Sanbi was then taken back to Akatsuki-s base of operations. There he was sealed away in the King of Hell Statue.

Yonbi (Four-Tailed Demon)
Yonbi Location: Unknown
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Yon (Four)
Type: ?
Imbued Within: ?

The four-tailed demon was imbued within an elder Jinchuuriki. It is unknown what animal the bijuu was. The large black mark on the Jinchuuriki-s nose and cheeks may be a influence of the bijuu. The Jinchuuriki used various elemental fusion techniques, a probable by-product of the demon-s power.

The Yonbi and its host were defeated in battle by Hoshigaki Kisame. Akatsuki then removed the demon, killing the Jinchuuriki host.

Kyuubi (Nine-Tail Demon Fox)
Kyuubi Location: Hidden Leaf
Classification: Demon
Tail Number: Kyuu (Nine)
Type: Fox
Imbued Within: Uzumaki Naruto
See also: Uzumaki Naruto, Yondaime Hokage, Akatsuki

Baby Naruto with Kyuubi Sealed Inside
The nine-tailed fox had nearly destroyed Hidden Leaf 12 years previously. It is one of the "bijuu", a tailed beast of the ancient world. It took the sacrifice of the Fourth Hokage to imprison the demon and place it into the body of the young baby Uzumaki Naruto. It was the Fourth-s hope that the Leaf villagers would look at Naruto as a hero for serving as the vessel to contain the demon. However, the people of leaf village see Naruto as the Kyuubi itself and shun him.

The power of the Kyuubi has affected Naruto in several ways physically. When Naruto-s body becomes injured, the power of the Kyuubi will leak out and heal Naruto-s body at a very quick pace. Also, when Naruto experiences emotional experiences the chakra and power of the Kyuubi begins to leak out and turn Naruto into a more feral individual. At first he had little control over the ability to draw on the Kyuubi-s chakra, but the Sannin Jiraiya taught Naruto how to reach deep inside himself and convince the Kyuubi to give him extra chakra when needed. This large amount of additional chakra allows Naruto to perform Kage Bunshin on a very large scale and also summon the Toad Boss Gamabunta.

The Akatsuki criminal organization has expressed interest in obtaining the Kyuubi from Naruto for their own diabolical ends, though they have yet to accomplish this goal.

Shinigami (Death God)
Shinigami Location: Hidden Leaf
Classification: Death God
Character Affiliation: Third Hokage, Fourth Hokage

The Shinigami is a being called forth during the Shiki Fuujin jutsu.

The jutsu to call the Shinigami forth was taught to the Third Hokage by the Fourth Hokage. Calling him forth will result in the caster-s death. While the Shinigami will remove the soul of the target, it will take your own soul in exchange. Both souls will forever after be condemed to damnation, fighting eternally in the stomach of the Shinigami.

Doki (Angry Spirits)
Oni Location: Hidden Sound
Classification: Spirit/Chakra Summon
Character Affiliation: Tayuya

These summoned spirits are created by the Sound ninja Tayuya. The Doki are massless ethereal beings, existing as chakra with a need to consume.

After being summoned Tayuya can control these Doki with the melodies of her flute. One melody will cause the oni to release their pure material ghost form from their mouth, this ethereal form can move through objects. When it comes into contact with a living being, it will eat away at their physical energy.

Umibouzu Location: Sea Country
Classification: Spirit/Chakra Summon
Character Affiliation: Amachi

Amachi summoned this Umibouzu (sea monster) to help him terrorize the Sea Country. Something more than sea water and something less than a sentient being, the Umibouzu is a moving water technique that obeys Amachi-s command.

The Umibouzu was eventually destroyed with the assistance of Gamabunta. He used his toad oil and flame from Naruto to incinerate the water.

Ido (id)
Ido Location: Hidden Leaf
Classification: Entity
Character Affiliation: Yakumo
Note: The id is one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives.
Kurama Yakumo was the hope of her clan. Known for their Genjutsu specialty, many of the clan members had not advanced in rank in Konoha in numerous years. Yakumo was placed under Yuuhi Kurenai in the hopes she could help teach Yakumo how to excel in Genjutsu. Unfortunately Yakumo-s enormous Genjutsu talent was too much for the young woman. All the pressure on her to be the shining hope of her clan had created a separate entity in her subconscious mind. This Ido being sought to destroy Konoha and unleash its- powers.

Fearing what the Ido monster would do to Konoha, the Third Hokage ordered Yakumo-s powers sealed away. Yakumo took the news harshly and allowed the Ido monster to emerge without her being aware. The monster caused the death of her parents and Yakumo believed they had been assassinated by the Third Hokage. Yakumo-s powers were eventually sealed away and she was placed outside the village under watch. She began to grow angry at the confinement and sought revenge against Kurenai. After luring Kurenai into a trap, she saw how her former teacher cared for her. She soon learned the truth of her parent-s death and watched in horror as the Ido monster emerged in one of her illusions. With encouragement from Kurenai, Yakumo was able to finally take control of herself and kill the Ido.

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