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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto - Bingo Book

The Bingo Book
Zabuza To keep track of all the current enemies of their village, each ninja carries a handbook. This book lists those ninja who pose a danger to their village, including its missing-nin and foreign ninja. A so called "whos-who" guidebook for the ninja. Those listed are ranked based on the level of dangerousness, with the most deadly attaining an "S-Rank."

Below is a current listing of those ninjas who have become Missing-Nins against their villages- wishes. The missing-nins are from the prospective of a Leaf Village ninja. At present, ninja such as Jiraiya and Tsunade are not wanted for any evil crimes so they are not included. However, due to their skill level they are probably seen as dangerous and in the Bingo book of non-Leaf ninja. This list also includes those individuals confirmed as having entries in a Bingo Book. For example, the Hidden Sound Bingo book got a huge increase in data with the addition of ANBU member profiles provided in secret by Konoha ninja Danzou. Akatsuki member Kakuzu also pursues bounties on individuals from all over using data from his Bingo Book.

Hidden Grass Missing-Nins

A strange ninja from Hidden Grass, Zetsu left his village behind and joined Akatsuki.
Hidden Leaf Missing-Nins

Unable to practice his kinjutsu techniques in Hidden Leaf, Orochimaru fled the country and formed his own hidden village. The Bingo Book lists Orochimaru as an S-Ranked dangerous person.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.

Rokushou Aoi

A ninja from Hidden Leaf, Aoi helped steal the legendary chakra sword of the Second Hokage. He fled his village and joined Hidden Rain
Uchiha Itachi

Thirsting to attain more power and test his limits, Itachi murdered his clan and then left Leaf to join Akatsuki. Because of his high level of skill and deadliness, the Bingo Book lists Itachi as an S-Ranked dangerous person.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.

Uchiha Sasuke

Tormented by the pain and guilt from his older brother Itachi-s murderous ways, Sasuke has dedicated his life to finding more power to kill him. To that end, he fled Leaf to seek power from Orochimaru.
Yakushi Kabuto

Raised and trained as a ninja in Hidden Leaf, Yakushi Kabuto learned many medical arts from his adoptive father. During the Chuunin Exam, he revealed his traitorous nature and revealed himself as a spy from Sound.
Fire Country Bingo Entries
Hatake Kakashi

Momochi Zabuza-s Bingo Book contained an entry on "Copy Ninja Kakashi," the elite ninja who had copied over a thousand jutsu.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.


ANBU member "Yamato" was included in the ANBU dossier Sai provided to Orochimaru on behalf of Danzou. This data revealed Yamato and the other ANBU members real identities and stats. Orochimaru had this data entered in his Bingo Book.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.


Chiriku was a monk who studied at the Fire Temple. He was one of the elite Twelve Guardians, who were to protect the Fire Country Daimyou. Akatsuki member Kakuzu defeated Chiriku and sought to collect on his 30 Million Ryou Bingo Book bounty.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.

Sarutobi Asuma

Asuma was a highly skilled ninja and former member of the elite Twelve Guardians. He boasted that his bounty was probably at least 5 Million more than Chiriku-s 30 Million Ryou bounty.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.

Hidden Mist Missing-Nins

Gouzu and his brother Meizu were Chuunin in Hidden Mist, when Momochi Zabuza-s assassination attempt on the Mizukage failed, they fled with Zabuza to the Wave Country.
Hoshigaki Kisame

A highly dangerous S-Ranked person, Kisame was an elite Jounin in Hidden Mist Village until he began to assassinate the local Mist feudal lords. Fleeing his village, Kisame then joined the Akatsuki Organization.

Note: Officially listed in a Bingo Book.

Kaguya Kimimaro

The Kaguya clan hailed from Hidden Mist and they were known for their love of battle. They foolishly decided to challenge their home country and they were all wiped out save for Kimimaro. When Orochimaru saw the extent of their abilities, he helped Kimimaro flee the country.
Kurosuki Raiga

Raiga partnered with the young Ranmaru to become a member of the Mist Seven Swordsman. At some point he left the group and his village behind to travel the world with his young companion.

Meizu and his brother Gouzu were Chuunin in Hidden Mist, when Momochi Zabuza-s assassination attempt on the Mizukage failed, they fled with Zabuza to the Wave Country.
Momochi Zabuza

Seeking to gain control over his whole village, Zabuza attempted to assassinate the Mizukage. His plan failed and he had to flee to the Wave Country.

A child prodigy in killing, Suigetsu was regarded as the second coming of Zabuza. He studied under the Mist Seven Swordsmen and was eventually captured by Orochimaru. It is unknown whether Hidden Mist knows his whereabouts. He has probably been declared a missing-nin for that reason.
Hidden Rain Missing-Nins

Hisame was said to be the most intelligent of Hidden Rain-s ninja. She left her village behind to seek the Hero Water of Hidden Waterfall village.

A ruthless ninja from Hidden Rain, Kirisame helped Suien attack Hidden Waterfall to take its Hero Water.

A ninja from Hidden Rain, Murasame helped Suien attack Hidden Waterfall to take its Hero Water.
Hidden Sand Missing-Nins

A highly skilled puppet-maker, Sasori left his village twenty years previously and joined Akatsuki.
Hidden Rock Missing-Nins

A prodigy from Hidden Rock, Deidara fled the village and joined Akatsuki.

A former Chuunin from Hidden Rock, Gantetsu came to the Fire Country to seek a more luxurious life.
Hidden Waterfall Missing-Nins

Akatsuki member Kakuzu left Hidden Waterfall for some unknown reason.

Said to be the best ninja of Hidden Waterfall village, Suien betrayed his village and helped Missing-Nin from Hidden Rain attack his home village to take the legendary Hero Water.

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